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For a classroom, a courtroom, a church or a front porch, a flag pole mount is an essential piece of hardware for your flag display. The selection of flag pole brackets from Carrot-Top spans from outdoor flag brackets to indoor flag wall mounts. Browse our selection of flag brackets below and scroll down to the bottom of this page to read more about flag pole brackets from Carrot-Top. 

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Why Buy a Flag Mounting Bracket from Carrot-Top?

Whether indoors or out-of-doors, an attractive flag display requires a high-quality flag, as well as the proper flag pole mount, to ensure the safety, security, and longevity of your display. Flag pole brackets from Carrot-Top come in several styles and designs to suit your budget or specific need. Choose your indoor or outdoor flag pole bracket based on your flagpole’s diameter and the overall weight of your flag.

Outdoor Flag Brackets

An outdoor flag pole bracket provides a secure base for your flag display. We offer several outdoor flag bracket options to work with our selection of outdoor American flags or any other outdoor flag from Carrot-Top. Our cast iron 3/4" DD Holder Bracket is ideal for displaying your flag at a 45-degree angle in any setting. For parades or special events, city officials can use this bracket to mount flags onto light poles for an impressive street display. Another simple flag bracket option is the Silver "DD" Style Flagpole Bracket which displays your flagpole at a 45-degree angle and is designed for use with mounting screws only. We also carry a ½” DD Holder Flagpole Bracket, which works with flagpoles in diameter up to ½” that only works with mounting screws.

For street or light poles we offer other options including our Multipurpose Flagpole Bracket and the Stainless Steel Flagpole Bracket, also referred to as “electric way” brackets. Our Multipurpose Flagpole Brackets are especially designed for use on street poles for outrigger flagpoles with a 1” diameter, and the Stainless Steel Flagpole Brackets are ideal for use on utility or street light poles.  

For those seeking a versatile flag mounting bracket, the Adjustable Flagpole Bracket adjusts to display flags or banners at 5 different angles! This flagpole bracket is designed for use with 1" flagpoles and available in silver and white.

We also carry a heavy-duty bracket for flagpoles with a ¾” diameter. The Silver Stamped Bracket can hold a flagpole at a 45° angle from the attached surface and accommodates flags sized 3’x5’ or smaller.

Looking to mount your flag onto a boat, lake, or dock? The Dock Mounts for Telescopic Flagpoles are the perfect solution! Made of rust-proof, corrosion resistant anodized aluminum, this mounting bracket is intended for use with our Telescoping Flagpoles.

 Indoor Flag Brackets

Indoor flag bracket options include a gorgeous and decorative Bracket Star Holder, which holds your flagpole at a 60-degree angle from the wall. Place it on a large wall, in a hallway, or in an area with high ceilings to offset your flag display. This indoor flag bracket works well with our standard oak jointed poles or majestic indoor poles.  

For a multi-flag display, our indoor Spearhead Flag Bracket accommodates five or fewer than five flags in one display. Ideal for military branch flag displays, this flag pole bracket is a great way to display a cluster of flags while taking up very little space!

For classrooms, offices, and in-home displays our Stamped Steel Flag Pole Bracket is a great choice! This bracket works with any of our Carrot-Top classroom flags.

Not sure which flag bracket is right for your needs? Give Carrot-Top a call at 800-628-3524 and one of our trained, experienced customer care professionals will be happy to help.