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Our Military flags and memorabilia help you show your support for every branch of the Armed Services, as well as our veterans and active duty members. We're proud to offer American made Army flags, Marine Corps flags, Navy flags, Air Force flags and Coast Guard flags. Honor past soldiers and veterans who risked their lives for our freedom with our veterans and POW/MIA flags. We also offer exclusive "Support Our Troops" flags that you'll only find here at Carrot-Top! Ideal for displaying at your home, business or organization, Military flags are the perfect way to show support for our troops.

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  1. Outdoor Navy Flags
    Outdoor Navy Flags
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  2. U.S. Marine Corps Flag
    Outdoor Marine Corps Flags
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  3. Outdoor Air Force Flag
    Outdoor Air Force Flags
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  4. Coast Guard Flag
    Outdoor Coast Guard Flags
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  5. Indoor Coast Guard Flags
    Indoor Coast Guard Flags
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Military Flags to Show Your Support and Gratitude

Carrot-Top carries a wide variety of Military flags for all occasions. Shop extra-tough polyester flags, designed to be used in high-wind climates, or our classic nylon Military flags that fly beautifully in even a faint breeze. With a variety of sizes and designs, these flags are ideal for patriotic events like parades and city functions, Veterans and Memorial Day décor, as well as the perfect display outside your home, business or organization.

Military Flag Types

Our Military branch flags are a great way to show your support for the Armed Services. This collection includes flags for the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine and National Guard. Whether you're honoring a veteran or supporting active members, you'll be able to show your gratitude for their service in an inspiring manner. Shop a variety of sizes for outdoor, indoor and garden displays, as well as flag sets for a desk display and military grave markers to place near a tombstone.

POW/MIA flags stand as a national symbol for soldiers taken prisoner or missing in action. These Military flags are a testament of their bravery and dedication to keep the people of our nation safe. Create a beautiful outdoor display with the Nylon Outdoor Double-Sided POW/MIA flag. Available in a variety of sizes, this heavy-duty flag is ideal for display in high-wind areas. This collection also includes street banners, ideal for patriotic events and celebrations. POW/MIA garden flags create a stunning display and can be easily paired with an American Flag garden flag for a complete presentation. Shop indoor POW/MIA nylon flags, perfect for government buildings, town halls or veteran organizations. We also carry a variety of unique desk flags, lapel pins and patches. Support the brave soldiers who risked their lives for our freedom with a POW/MIA flag from Carrot-Top.

Veteran's flags and commemorative items like statues, patches and lapel pins show our thanks to every man and woman who served to protect our lives. Shop our collection to find a Military flag that honors soldiers who served in the Vietnam and Korean War, as well as World War II. We also carry a variety of Army and Navy retired flags, ideal for indoor or outdoor display.

From Military flags and banners to grave markers and garden flags, you'll find the perfect way to honor and thank your service man or woman.

Let Us Help You!

Carrot-Top Industries has been in the flag business for over 30 years! If you have a question about any one of our Military flags or another item on our site, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer service agents at 800-628-3524.