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Flagpole Accessories

A flag and flagpole aren't complete without the appropriate set of flagpole accessories! Whether you have a modest indoor display or a towering outdoor flagpole, flagpole hardware will always be an essential part of any flag presentation. With the experience and the know-how you need, Carrot-Top is your go-to, one-stop-shopping source for indoor flagpole hardware, outdoor flagpole parts and any flagpole accessories you need. 






So you’ve got the flag you want and the flagpole you need – it’s time to complete your flag display with the right flagpole accessories. At Carrot-Top, you’ll find indoor flagpole hardware that includes parade accessories, flagpole ornaments, cords and tassels, flagpole bases and much more. We’re proud to say that we offer a great selection of all these flag pole parts, and back up our products with knowledge, experience and customer service that’s unparalleled.

Got an outdoor flag display? We’ve got the outdoor flagpole accessories you need, from the flash collar at the flagpole’s base all the way to the ornament that sits high atop it. Here’s where you can find halyard to raise the flag, cleats to secure the halyard, solar or hard-wired lighting systems, a big variety of aluminum or fiberglass ornaments and much more. Whether you’re looking for replacement parts for your indoor or outdoor flagpole or you’d just like to devise a customized flag display, you can find what you’re looking for right here.

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