Indoor Flagpoles & Parade Flagpoles

A well-made indoor or parade flag pole, when paired with a high-quality flag from Carrot-Top, makes an awe-inspiring display! We offer a great selection of parade flag poles that are ideal for official or military use in a range of price points to match your needs. Whether you’re seeking an indoor or outdoor flagpole for your town, school, or organization, we’re here to make sure you have a great buying experience—from start to finish.

Browse our flag buying guide for tips on matching your flag to your flagpole, or reach out to our customer service team via phone, email or chat for help. We also offer a library of instructional videos on our YouTube channel. Keep scrolling to read more about the selection of flag poles available here.

33 Products

Majestic™ Indoor US Flag Sets
$203.99 to $222.99
13 reviews
Indoor U.S. Flag Set - Jointed Oak Flagpole
$223.99 to $358.99
8 reviews
Majestic™ Telescopic Pole Sets
$126.99 to $128.99
11 reviews
Jointed Oak Parade Pole Set Without Flag
$129.99 to $145.99
3 reviews
Brigadier™ Navy Indoor Flag Set
2 reviews
Brigadier™ Army Indoor Flag Set
1 review
Brigadier™ Air Force Indoor Flag Set
1 review
Wood-Grained Steel Flagpoles
$42.99 to $46.99
1 review
Value U.S. Flags Sets - 7'
$179.99 to $188.99
7 reviews
Replacement Joints For Indoor Oak Pole
$35.99 to $62.99
Select up to 4 items to compare.
Select up to 4 items to compare.