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Coast Guard


The Coast Guard flag, also known as the Coast Guard Standard, consists of the United States Great Seal (United States Coat of Arms) on a white background. Above the Great Seal, the words “UNITED STATES COAST GUARD” are inscribed in U.S. blue. Below the Great Seal, the words “SEMPER PARATUS” and the number “1790” can be seen in two rows. Fly the Coast Guard Flag to show honor and gratitude to the brave men and women who guard our coasts every day.

Our U.S. Coast Guard flags are available in several sizes and styles. Shop high-quality nylon and polyester flags to create an inspiring outdoor display. Our indoor flags come in two styles, one of which features a gorgeous gold fringed edge for an elegant look. We also carry mini flags and street banners for town parades and events, as well as cemetery flags that honor the fallen. Browse Carrot-Top Industries to find the perfect Coast Guard flag for your display. 

















Finding a Coast Guard Flag for Your Display

At Carrot-Top Industries, you'll find a variety of USCG flags for every display. Whether you're looking for a residential outdoor flag or a large flag to display outside of town halls and government buildings, you'll find the perfect flag right here! Shop indoor flags with a stunning fringe, or sets that include flags from each of the Armed Forces. Unique lapel pins and patches make supporting your Coast Guard hero fun and fashionable. Whatever style or display you decide on, you'll find the perfect Coast Guard flag right here at Carrot-Top.

Coast Guard Flags for Every Occasion

Outdoor U.S. Coast Guard flags are available in a variety of sizes. From 12" x 18" for a small-scale display to awe-inspiring displays with a 6' x 10' flag, you'll find the ideal option for your outdoor needs. These flags are available in two materials, nylon and polyester. Nylon flags are ideal for areas of light wind and light to moderate climates. Tough, heavy-duty polyester flags are to be used in areas of high winds and harsher climates. Each outdoor USCG flag features a header and grommets for attachments.

Browse our selection of indoor U.S. Coast Guard flags for your home office, government building, or town hallway. These versatile flags can also be used on a parade flagpole during a town parade or celebration. Our indoor flags feature two different sizes and designs. To create an elegant display, check out our Indoor Coast Guard Flag featuring a gold fringe. Both designs feature a pole sleeve for easy mounting. All of our indoor flags are ideal for long-term indoor use. Decorate your desk with a Mini Coast Guard Flag or our Miniature Armed Forces Flag Set. Perfect for yourself or as a gift, this desk display will certainly stir up a great conversation!

For a unique way to support our Coast Guard, shop the 40" Polyester Coast Guard Windsock! This windsock has quickly become a favorite. Fashioned with vibrant colors, it's ideal for displaying in areas of high wind, like outside your beach house, on a boat or a balcony. Made from weather and fade-resistant polyester, the windsock will endure for years to come!

For town parades and patriotic events, shop our Coast Guard Street Banner and mini flags. Street banners are easy to mount and create a wonderful display as people walk or drive into town. We also carry a variety of other flags and memorial items including Coast Guard cemetery flags and grave markers. These unique flags and markers create an inspiring display for years to come.

Let Us Help!

No matter what type display you decide to create, you'll find the perfect Coast Guard flag at Carrot-Top Industries! If you need help or have a question about any of our U.S. Coast Guard flags, or any other product, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives can be reached by phone at 800-628-3524.

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