Mini Coast Guard Flag

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The mini Coast Guard flag is an exact replica of the official Coast Guard flag. It features the Great Seal in blue with the spread eagle holding 13 arrows in one talon and an olive branch with 13 leaves in the other. These mini flags are perfect for special events to be used as giveaways to attendees.

The mini Coast Guard flag is attached to a black plastic flag staff for ease. For more information about these mini flags scroll down to the description tab. To order your mini Coast Guard Flag, choose from two sizes below and select Add to Cart.

The mini Coast Guard flags are perfect giveaways and hand held flags. The flags are available in two sizes, 4” x 6” flag mounted on a 10” staff and 8” x 12” flag mounted on a 19 3/8” staff. Both mini flags are mounted on a black plastic flag staff and are perfect as a hand held flag. The flagstaff features a gold plastic ornamental spear and ball on top.  The flag staff also allows for them to be used in conjunction with our mini flag bases. All of our mini flag bases with flag holes measuring 3/16” in diameter are able to accommodate the 4”x 6” mini Coast Guard flags. The mini flags are made using a special polyester blend and are ideal for long term indoor use. The mini coast guard flags can be used outside in dry weather and for short term displays.

*Bases sold separately.

For more information about our mini Coast Guard flag or any of the products featured on the website, contact one of our in-house product experts on (800)628-3524. Carrot-Top prides itself on being able to provide our customers with the best possible customer service.

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