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Parade Flag Poles & Accessories

A parade flag pole from Carrot-Top Industries is the perfect accessory for any type of parade flag display. Whether you’re hosting an indoor or outdoor parade at your school or church, or a military, police, or fire department parade, funeral, or ceremony, you’ll want to be sure you’re using the right accessories for your display. Browse through the category and click on a product image to learn more or scroll down to the bottom of the page to learn more about our line of parade flag holders.

17 Item(s)

17 Item(s)

Why Buy a Parade Flag Pole from Carrot-Top for Your Special Event?

A polished and professional parade requires the proper tools to ensure a correct and safe flag display. Parade flag holders such as parade flagpoles and parade banner poles are the essential tools you’ll need to create a successful and memorable event. Our collection of parade flag poles is ideal for use with most of our indoor flags and are perfectly sized to be used with standard pole sleeves with most flags on the market.

Our parade flag poles and parade banner poles range in size, material, and use. Some of our most popular parade flagpoles are the Aluminum Parade Poles, which are available in Chrome or Gold finish. Constructed of sturdy and rust-resistant aluminum, these poles make a grand entrance at any parade while offering a professional look for most parade needs. They are available in standard 8’ or 9’ sizes. Another popular parade flagpole choice is our Solid Oak Flagpole, the traditional standard for parade and indoor use. The Solid Oak Flagpoles come in two separate parts and feature a brass joint. Sizes range from 7’ to 12’ for brass-jointed poles and 7’ to 9’ for chrome-jointed poles.

For indoor parades, our Majestic Telescoping Indoor poles are the perfect solution. These adjustable poles are available in 5’ to 9’ heights and feature a twist and lock mechanism for ease of use. Available in Gold, Wood-Grained, or Chrome, these poles are both functional and attractive.

Military parades usually require specialized hardware, and Carrot-Top offers the proper parade flag holders for your military and government-specified U.S. flags. Our Hardwood Guidon Staff is perfect for use in military ceremonies. Available in traditional Brass or Chrome finish, this parade flag pole comes in 7’, 8’, and 9’ sizes.

Other types of specialty parade flag holders include the Oak Crossbar Ceremonial Banner Pole, a horizontal bar used for the upright display of banners or gonfalons, and the lightweight Ceremonial Pike Pole, a lightweight alternative to a traditional pike— an ash pole with a chrome pike attached to one end.

A Parade Accessory for Every Need       

Not only do we carry a great selection of parade flag poles, we also carry all the accessories you need to outfit your entire parade or ceremony!

Our Flag Carrying Belt is a handy accessory that allows the flag bearer to carry the flag and flagpole with ease and for long periods of time to reduce strain or injury. Our belts are constructed of durable leather and poly-webbing, available in single- or double-strapped models, perfect for parades and other ceremonial events.

Parade gloves are an often overlooked, but essential accessory for parades taking place over long periods of time. Constructed of durable cotton and featuring three-row stitching on the back of the hand as well as a texturized grip, these gloves are available in three sizes to fit almost any flag bearer. Parade gloves are commonly used for parades, for color guard or honor guard ceremonies, by pallbearers, by members of marching bands, and by performers of formal military, police, and firefighter events.

Will there be cars, firetrucks, or other moving vehicles in your parade? The Freedom Vehicle Flagpole allows you to display flags up to 4’ x 6’ from moving vehicles with safety and ease.

Don’t overlook essential parade accessories like streamer holders and flag spreaders to make your parade and indoor flag display easier to handle and better looking. Generally used by the military, the Streamer Holder Attachment is easy to install on your parade or ceremony flagpole to display your battle campaign, military or award streamers on your Guidon flagpole. Pair it with our Chrome Guidon Stand for an impressive display. Use an Indoor Flag Spreader to fully display your flag in full view, without bunching, during an indoor flag presentation.

Browse our Protective Storage Covers and Carrying Cases to keep your flagpoles safe and free of dust and mold when in storage or when transporting them to a parade or special event.

Need flags and banners to go with your parade flag poles? You’ll be sure to find something in our wide selection of U.S. flags, military flags, state and city flags, custom flags and banners, or custom podium banners. Need help locating an item or have a question about any one of our hundreds of products, we’re here to help! Give us a call at 800-628-3524 today. 

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