Parade Banner Poles & Accessories

A parade flag pole from Carrot-Top Industries is the perfect accessory for any type of parade flag display. Whether you’re hosting an indoor or outdoor parade at your school or church, or a military, police, or fire department parade, funeral, or ceremony, you’ll want to be sure you’re using the right accessories for your display and know how to carry a banner in a parade. Browse through the category and click on a product image to learn more or scroll down to the bottom of the page to learn more about our line of parade flag holders.

17 Products

Indoor Flagpole - Solid Oak
$64.99 to $121.99
14 reviews
Aluminum Parade Poles
$115.99 to $124.99
1 review
Protective Storage Cover - Flag Set Cover
3 reviews
Deluxe Carrying Case
3 reviews
Parade Gloves
1 review
Parade Flagpole Carrying Belts
$35.99 to $123.99
3 reviews
Majestic™ Telescopic Indoor Poles
9 reviews
Indoor Flag Spreader
6 reviews
Aluminum Parade Banner Pole
$80.99 to $104.99
Oak Crossbar - Ceremonial Banner Pole
1 review
Hardwood Guidon Staffs - Army Spear
$177.99 to $226.99
Brass Hook & Eye For Indoor Poles
Freedom Vehicle Flagpole
1 review
Ceremonial Pike Pole
Chrome Parade Axe
Streamer Holder Attachment - Streamer Ring
$141.99 to $243.99
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Select up to 4 items to compare.