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Flag Poles & Flag Sets

At Carrot-Top Industries, we have dozens of flag sets and individual flag poles for sale. We carry flagpoles and flag sets for all situations and settings. Whether you need an indoor, outdoor, commercial, or residential flagpole, you’ll find it here. We also carry a great selection of flagpole ornaments and flagpole accessories to complement your display. Browse our full collection of flagpoles and flag sets below. Need help choosing the right flagpole or flag set for your flag? Check out our Comprehensive Flagpole Guide to get started. 

Why Buy a Flag Set from Carrot-Top?

A flag set from Carrot-Top Industries is an essential part of your flag display. Our flag sets include flagpoles for every size range and need. Need a reliable outdoor flagpole for everyday use? An in ground flagpole is a great choice for you! Our in-ground flagpoles are designed to last through the elements for long periods of time. We also carry low-maintenance fiberglass flagpoles and other commercial grade flagpoles that will boost your business or organization’s curb appeal.  

Looking for an indoor flag set? We have several options that can work for ceremonies, parades, and more! We also carry a great selection of flagpoles and sets for advertising purposes, patriotic holidays, parties, reunions, and special events. Pair your flagpole with one of our flagpole mounts to fit your unique situation. If you want to fly your flag 24/7, we have solar and commercial inground (wired) lighting to keep you following the proper flag flying guidelines

Let Us Help You!

Carrot-Top has been the industry leader in flags, including U.S. flags, state flags, custom flags and banners, flagpoles, and flag accessories since 1980. We also offer comprehensive flag resources to help you with your flag experience. Check out our flag etiquette articles as well as our wide range of solar lighting products to help you fly your flag 24 hours a day! We’re here to help you with any questions or comments you encounter. Give us a call at 800-628-3524 today!  

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