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Flag Cord and Tassels

For the appropriate touch of formality, Flag Cord and Tassels can enhance any indoor flag display or parade set. Choose from handsome gold, patriotic, white or silver; these cord and tassel sets are crafted with a tightly-braided rope and matching tassels. Cords and tassels for flags are recommended for settings such as courtrooms, auditoriums, graduation ceremonies and military use.  They are available in 9’ length, with 5” or 6” tassels.

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)

The gold flag cord and tassels are the most commonly used, although the patriotic (red, white and blue) set is also a popular option. The State of Virginia and the POW/MIA flag use a white cord, and there are regulations regarding military flag set cord and tassels.

Banner hanging cords with tassels are another use for this unique product.  The larger ones described above can be used for hanging  a flag vertically or for banners up to 7’ in width.  The smaller ones are designed for a flag/banner size ranging from 4” to 18”.

Wondering which cord and tassels for flags will be right for your needs? Feel free to give Carrot-Top a call at 800-628-5324 and speak to one of our customer care professionals. 

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