Flag Buying Guide

Choosing the best American flag online can be a confusing task. Our 35 years of experience guiding customers to the best material for their location and size flag for their flagpole has allowed us to provide the information in the chart below. If you have additional questions, please contact us using the Chat Live Now button at the top or call us at 800-628-3524!



U.S. Outdoor American Flags
  Flag Type   Weather Conditions   Display Applications     Flag Material   Appearance   Stars   Stripes   Fly End Stitching   Hoist End  
Beacon® Nylon U.S. Flags    All weather use, light to moderate wind areas   Indoor & long-term outdoor 200-denier nylon
Beacon Material
Embroidered up to 12'x18';
Appliquéd on larger flags
Beacon Star
Interlocking Sewn Stitches 4 rows, 6 rows on 8'x12' and larger Canvas header and grommets up to 6'x10'.
Nylon rope header with metal thimbles
on larger flags
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 Patriarch® Polyester U.S. Flags  All weather use, for high wind areas Indoor & long-term outdoor Tough, skillfully woven 2-ply polyester
Patriarch Material
Embroidered up to 12'x18';
Appliquéd on larger flags
Patriarch Star
Interlocking Sewn Stitches 4 rows, 6 rows on 8'x12' and larger  Canvas header and grommets up to 6'x10'.  
Nylon rope header with metal thimbles 
on larger flags
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Cotton U.S. Flags Not recommended for all weather use.
Will bleed if wet.
Indoor & short-term outdoor Tightly woven cotton
Cotton Material

Cotton Star
Interlocking Sewn Stitches 4 rows, 6 rows on 8'x12' and larger  Canvas header and grommets up to 6'x10'.  
Nylon rope header with metal thimbles 
on larger flags
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 Printed U.S. Flags  All weather use, light wind areas Indoor & short-term outdoor   Lightweight polyester & cotton blend  
Printed Material

Printed Star
Sewn 2 rows Canvas header and grommets Purchase Here 



Frequently asked questions: 


What size flag do I need for my outdoor flagpole?
The following chart can be used as a general guide to help you choose the proper flag size based on the type and size flagpole you have. For example, if your flagpole is 25’ tall you can fly up to a 4’ x 6’ American flag.

American Flag Chart



Do I need a canvas header with grommets, a roped heading, or an unlined pole sleeve?

Grommet Header

A canvas header and grommets hoist end is standard on all of our American flags up to a 6’ x 10’ size. The canvas header provides durability, while the brass grommets allow your flag to be fastened to your flagpole using snap hooks or plastic ties. A header and grommet flag is used for in-ground flagpoles as well as some home flag display sets.


Roped Header

A roped heading is standard for flags measuring 8’ x 12’ or larger. It features a nylon rope running through the length of the canvas header with reinforced galvanized metal thimbles at the top and bottom.

Pole Sleeve

An unlined pole sleeve is traditionally used for outdoor flag display sets and will easily slide over a 1” diameter pole commonly mounted outside at a 45 degree angle on homes and buildings. This American banner-like flag features a tab inside the top of the sleeve for easy attachment to your pole.


Do I need gold fringe on my flag?

Gold Fringe

Flags featuring gold fringe are traditionally used for parades and indoor displays like classrooms, lobbies, courtrooms and more. Our indoor and parade U.S. flags feature a fully lined pole sleeve and gold fringe around the top, fly end, and bottom edges giving it an upscale, classic appearance. Easily match your American indoor flag set with our indoor state, military, religious and international flags featuring gold fringe.

What is the best material for an outdoor American flag?

  • The best material for your outdoor flag depends on your typical weather conditions and display environment. 
  • If you are in an area that is exposed to frequent storms or high winds, Patriarch Polyester is the choice for you. Made from a heavy-duty fabric, these our Patriarch American flags will require more wind to fly. 
  • Areas with little to moderate winds and the occasional storm will benefit from choosing the Beacon Nylon material that will dry quickly and fly in the slightest breeze. 
  • Cotton is not recommended for all weather use. A very traditional material, the dye process does not seal in the color so this flag will bleed if it gets wet. This is recommended for short-term display only. 
  • The lightweight polyester/cotton blend material used to create the Printed U.S. flag makes it the economical choice for short term display.


If I buy a Polyester flag will it last longer? How often do I need to replace my flag?
According to Government specifications, a flag, regardless of its material, flown from sunup to sundown should last at least 60-90 days. Some of our customers have claimed that our flags have lasted as long as six months to a year, but this is dependent on choosing the right material based on your weather conditions.


What is your return policy or product warranty?
Our expert customer service department is committed to helping every customer find the best product to suit their location and needs. If for any reason you are unhappy with the quality of your purchase please call for assistance 800.628.FLAG (3524). Credits/refunds will be issued in the same manner in which the products were paid for. Custom-made products are considered non-returnable.


6 month guarantee

We currently offer a Six-Month Guarantee on our Beacon® Nylon and Patriarch® Polyester American flags. From the date of purchase, this 6-Month Guarantee will cover defects, fading and tearing. We may request photos or send a return label to assist you with the return/exchange process. Our Guarantee does not apply to misuse, negligence, theft or acts of God. We reserve the right to deny a claim.