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POW MIA flags from Carrot-Top Industries are a great way to show our gratitude to the brave men and women who were taken captive or missing in action during wartime. Our collection includes a variety of flags for all types of use. Browse outdoor POW MIA flags available in nylon and polyester material. Indoor designs make the perfect display in a town hall, government buildings or Veterans organizations. Find parade and mini flags for a patriotic celebration or holiday. For every event and occasion, you'll find the ideal flag that honors and beautifully shows your gratitude to our American soldiers.













Support the Nation's Heroes with POW MIA Flags from Carrot-Top

For national holidays, patriotic celebrations, or even for every day, Missing in Action and Prisoner of War flags make the perfect commemorative display. From flying at home to larger displays at an organization or a nationwide function, you'll find the right design for every event within our collection of POW MIA flags!

Types of POW MIA Flags

Outdoor flags are available in two materials: polyester and nylon. Both types are available in a single-reverse direction design, as well as a double-sided design. The nylon flag is digitally printed on 200 denier nylon and is best for use in areas that receive light wind. The heavier, more durable polyester flag is ideal for long-term use in areas of high winds. Both flag types are available in a variety of sizes so you're sure to find the perfect one for your display. Finished with a canvas header and grommets, these outdoor POW MIA flags are easy to attach to a flagpole halyard.

Proudly made in the U.S.A., indoor nylon POW flags are ideal for display inside government, organizational or office buildings. Our Nylon Indoor Double-Sided POW/MIA Flag is digitally printed and features double seals sewn together back to back. If you prefer a single-sided flag, shop the Nylon Indoor Single-Sided POW/MIA Flag. Versatile and easy to set up and take down, these designs can also be used during a parade! Just pair them with the correct parade hardware. For indoor mounting, these flags require indoor hardware.

For parades and town events, browse small POW MIA flags to hand out to the crowd. Our POW MIA Street Banners are also a great way to decorate your town's streets and show support for those who risked –and continue to risk– - their lives.

To honor a fallen soldier, browse the POW MIA Cemetery Flags. This design can be paired with any one of our Cemetery American Flags for a complete display that remembers a lost loved one.

Our POW flags come in a variety of different styles and sizes, and we even carry a unique red design that will certainly stand out from the rest. Pairing your POW MIA flag with an outdoor American flag creates a gorgeous display of patriotism and gratitude to our service men and women. No matter what size you need, you'll find the perfect flag for your event.

Let Us Help You!

Carrot-Top Industries has been a leader in American Flags since 1980, and there's not a question we haven't been asked. If you're not sure which POW flag is right for you or your organization, don't hesitate to call our knowledgeable customer service agents at 800-628-3524.