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Flagpole Ornaments

For a traditional and time-honored touch, nothing enhances an indoor or outdoor flag display like the right flag pole topper! Our flag pole finials come in a range of sizes, styles, and prices to complement your flagpole. See our full selection of flagpole ornaments and flagpole accessories to complete your display! Need help choosing the right flagpole or flag set for your flag? Check out our comprehensive flag buying guide to get started. 

Why Buy a Flag Topper from Carrot-Top?

A flag pole topper from Carrot-Top Industries adds the finishing touch to your flag display! Sometimes referred to as flag pole finials or flagpole ornaments, these traditional accessories lend the perfect touch of dignity, formality, and pride to any indoor or outdoor display.

Indoor Flag Pole Toppers from Carrot-Top

Finish your indoor flag display with an indoor flagpole ornament from Carrot-Top! Our line of indoor flag pole toppers includes universal flagpole spears in a variety of materials and finishes, as well as patriotic eagle flagpole toppers like our best-selling 7” Aluminum Eagle Flag Topper in a classic gold finish. With dozens of versatile designs like acorns, balls, disks, and spears for your indoor display, you’re sure to find a flag topper to suit you.

Hosting a ceremony or using your flag in a parade? Don’t miss our collection of indoor flagpole bases, cord and tassels, and parade accessories!

Outdoor Flag Pole Toppers from Carrot-Top

Present a complete outdoor flag display with outdoor flagpole accessories from Carrot-Top! Our line of outdoor flagpole accessories includes hardware like halyard and trucks, as well as outdoor flag toppers for your business or home.  

Choose from natural finish, aluminum, or gold eagle flagpole toppers for a patriotic look. For a classic touch, try our aluminum ball flag toppers. We also carry a selection of religious flagpole ornaments including our Cross Flag Pole Topper and a Star of David Topper.

Our outdoor flag pole finials are constructed of metal, fiberglass, plastic, or anodized aluminum, and come in a variety of sizes and prices to fit any budget. 

Let Us Help You!

Carrot-Top has been the industry leader in U.S. flags, flagpoles, and flag accessories since 1980. We also offer comprehensive flag resources to help you with your flag buying experience. Check out our flag etiquette articles as well as our wide range of solar lighting products to help you fly your flag 24 hours a day! We’re here to help you with any questions or comments you encounter. Give us a call at 800-628-3524 today!

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