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Our mission is to honor the American spirit by providing American-made products that build and promote patriotic, corporate, and individual pride. We aim to help our customers enhance permanent facilities and the unique events that bring their communities together.  


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The Morris Family

Over three decades ago, Dwight Morris founded Carrot-Top Industries with the dream of providing flags and patriotic products to Americans in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.  

Carrot-Top began as a small mail-order flag business that Dwight ran out of his home in the Midwest until 1987, the year he relocated the company to Hillsborough, NC. Since then, Carrot-Top Industries, Inc. has grown to become the top online flag retailer in the industry, providing American-made U.S. flags and patriotic, special event, and custom-made products to military institutions, service member families, government agencies, schools, businesses, and individuals across the United States.

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Our positive culture and work environment empower our employees to provide the best service possible for every customer. 

Carrot-Top Industries is still an independent, family-owned business proudly operating out of a 25,000 square-foot warehouse in Hillsborough, NC. We employ over 40 team members comprised of customer service representatives, professional graphic designers, web merchandisers, warehouse associates, a finance department, and a marketing team to support the e-commerce website and production of our custom flags and banners.

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We strive to be the best flag company in the industry by providing only the best quality American flags to our customers. 

We only partner with reputable American flag manufacturers to create our exclusive line of Beacon® and Patriarch® U.S. and state flags. We pride ourselves in being your go-to flag store by offering any size and style of flag imaginable. At Carrot-Top, we have the flag you need, or we’ll create it for you!

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Carrot-Top is a customer-first organization. We promise to build strong relationships by catering to customers’ needs rather than to our bottom line.

We promise to provide only American-made U.S. flags and the best flag guarantee in the industry. Over the years, we have built solid relationships with our manufacturing partners to deliver only the highest quality flags and banners to our clients. Our exclusive line of Beacon® and Patriarch® flags are backed by a 6-month guarantee against defects, fading, and tearing—the best in the flag industry.

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