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Look no further than Carrot-Top for the best quality and selection of made in America U.S. flags for sale! Our exclusive line of U.S. flags— the Beacon® Nylon and Patriarch® Polyester brands—features an unmatched 6-month warranty against defects, fading or tearing. We also offer a great selection of American flags for sale from other top brands in the industry, including Annin, Valley Forge, and Eder Flag. Ordering several flags for your school, town, city, business or government agency? We offer discounts on large-quantity orders! Just add your bulk order quantity to your cart and proceed to our easy checkout to view price breaks on U.S. flags from Carrot-Top!

Get started by reading through our Flag Buying Guide, a resource chock-full of helpful tips for choosing the right flag for your needs. When you’re ready to order, place your order online. We offer fast shipping on all our in-stock products! Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts via chat or on the phone. We’re standing by to help you find your perfect American flag! 

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American Flags Made in the U.S.A.

The quality and selection of American flags for sale at Carrot-Top Industries is a clear cut above the rest! Here, you’ll only find U.S. flags made in America out of high-quality nylon or polyester material. At Carrot-Top, we take our dedication to American businesses and workers seriously. When you buy an American flag from Carrot-Top, you’re supporting the American economy and free-enterprise—it doesn’t get much more patriotic than that!

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 Our selection of American flags made in the U.S.A. includes our own exclusive Beacon® Nylon and Patriarch® Polyester brands as well as flags from prestigious flag makers such as Annin, Valley Forge Flag Company and Eder Flag.                

At Carrot-Top Industries, not only will you find the ideal U.S. flag to hang outside your home, you'll discover a wide variety of flags for all spaces. Whether you're looking to decorate the hallways of a government building or show your pride during Fourth of July celebrations, there's a flag for you.

American Flag Sizes, Styles and Materials

Carrot-Top exclusive American flags are crafted from high-quality nylon or polyester material. Named Beacon® nylon and Patriarch® polyester. The Beacon® nylon fabric is a premium 200 denier nylon that yields robust fade-resistant colors and flies beautifully outdoors in most weather conditions. Ideal for coastal and mountain areas with extreme or frequently-changing weather, the Patriarch® polyester fabric is UV-resistant, thick-spun, 2-ply polyester that features a cotton-like texture, making it similar in appearance to the traditional handmade American cotton flags of revolutionary times.

Both models feature stripes with interlocking stitches and a reinforced 4-stitch fly end, creating durable seams that resist fraying. Our larger signature flags are strongly secured by brass grommets and nylon rope reinforced with galvanized metal thimbles, including embroidered five-pointed stars for a distinct look. Both our Beacon® and Patriarch® American flags are available in a wide range of sizes—from 2’ x 3’ to 30’ x 60’!

When you buy an American flag from one of Carrot-Top’s exclusive lines, you’ll also get our guarantee that these flags will meet or exceed the industry standard of 90 days of use, sunup to sundown. In fact, we believe in the quality of our U.S. flags so much, that we offer a no-hassle return policy to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Indoor, Outdoor, Miniature and Cemetery American Flags

In addition to our exclusive line of flags, we offer a many type of American flags for sale at Carrot-Top. Whether you need an indoor, outdoor, small, cemetery or classroom flag, we have it here!

Our Outdoor U.S. flags are available in durable polyester, nylon, cotton, poly-knit, or recycled materials, and include distinct finishes like reinforced stitching and headers and brass grommets for attaching your flag to your flagpole. Outdoor flag sizes range from 12” x 18” to the popular 3’ x 5’ size for outdoor home displays, all the way up to a huge 30’ x 60’ – ideal for schools, government buildings and office parks.

Our Indoor U.S. flags can be constructed of nylon or polyester and are perfect for homes, classrooms, offices and government buildings. Indoor flags are finished with an elegant pole hem and can be bought with or without a fringe. In addition to indoor nylon and polyester flags, we also carry several different types and sizes of cotton and printed flags for indoor and short-term use. Shop a variety of sizes of indoor U.S. flags— from standard flags measuring 3' x 5' up to 30’ x 60’ flags that create a lasting impression in any school gymnasium or public space.

Small American Flags from Carrot-Top are ideal for your next giveaway or company event. These models are also popular during the Fourth of July and town parades. And for your home, find the perfect set to decorate your entryway with pride.

An essential in any school, Classroom American Flags are warm and familiar sight for many of us and evokes feelings of respect for our traditions and each other, no matter our background, while setting the tone for a learning environment, a place where every student's ideas can be heard and shared.

Our Cemetery American Flags are perfect for commemorating the heroic acts of loved ones who died in the service of others. All cemetery flags and dowels from Carrot-Top Industries are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Pair a Carrot-Top cemetery flag with one of our grave markers, seals or insignia to adorn grave sites and create tributes to loved ones. We offer grave markers are specialized for different branches of the military and civil service as well as patriotic grave markers in a variety of materials.

Tips for Buying and Flying an American Flag

Carrot-Top has been providing U.S. flags and patriotic products since 1980. As proud flag experts, we aim to be your go-to resource for all things flags! If you’re new to flags, we recommend checking out our downloadable Flag Buying Guide, a resource chock-full of helpful tips for choosing the right flag for your needs. Our Flag Buying Guide includes tips for choosing the right type of flag material for your climate as well as tips for choosing the right size flag for your flagpole. If you’re also shopping for a flagpole for your new American flag, we offer a great selection of those too. Additionally, we have developed a Comprehensive Flagpole Guide to help you in the process of selecting a flagpole for your flag.

When you’re ready to fly your flag, be sure to bookmark or come back to our Flag Etiquette page where we offer flag owners a host of information on flag flying holidays, a guide on displaying your American flag, a flag folding primer, and the official flag code. Also, be sure to sign up for our flag alerts newsletter to receive email notifications of half-staff announcements and flag flying holidays.

American Flag Decorations and More!

In addition to our amazing selection of traditional U.S. flags, we also carry American flag themed and patriotic decorations to show off your patriotic side or jazz up any event! If your company is hosting a sale or special event, there's no better way to call attention to your location than with a striking patriotic blade flag set, windsock or fly tube. Looking to add colonial flair to your town or home? Dress up your building or venue with red, white, and blue fans, bunting or American flag banners. Our wooden American flags are a beautiful addition to any room or office for a rustic touch of Americana. And don’t miss our stunning wooden flag cases, which can properly display a Veteran's cotton internment flag—an elegant way to honor their service to our country.

How Can We Help?

When you’re ready to order, we offer easy checkout and fast shipping on all our in-stock products! If you're still unsure about which flag is right for you, don't hesitate to reach out to our experts via chat or by phone at 800-628-3524. We’re standing by to help you find your perfect American flag!