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Residential Flagpoles & Sets


No matter what size flag display you want to install at home, a residential flagpole from Carrot-Top is an excellent choice! Shop our varied selection of flags and flagpoles to display your patriotism and enhance your curb appeal.

All our residential flagpoles feature easy-to-install instructions and come with everything you will need to create a grand flagpole display in your yard. Need assistance finding the right flagpole for your flag? Our Comprehensive Flagpole Guide is a useful resource to walk you through the process.





















Why Buy a Residential Flagpole from Carrot-Top?

Display the flag of your choice at home with an outdoor residential flagpole from Carrot-Top! Here, we have a great variety of residential flagpoles for sale! Popular choices include patio poles, telescoping poles, colonial poles, and multi-use poles. Our residential flagpoles are an excellent choice for gardens and homes of all sizes. If you’re looking to put up your first American flag display or considering an upgrade to a larger display of patriotism, we have everything you will need.

House Mounted Flagpoles

Looking to save space? A house mounted flagpole from Carrot-Top is an economical way to enjoy the beauty of a flag without the hassle of installing an in-ground pole. Our wall-mounted flagpoles, also known as outrigger flagpoles, come in 5’ and 6’ sizes to display our 2’ x 3’ flag or 3’ x 5’ flag from almost any wall surface at home.

In Ground Residential Flagpoles

If an in-ground pole is what you seek, we have several models to choose from, from budget-friendly colonial flagpoles to 18’ steel flagpoles available in bronze or black powder coat finishes. Our inground flagpoles come in sizes ranging from 15' to 25’ and are good for light to moderately windy areas. Top-selling models include our 20’ Dealmaker Flagpole, a smart aluminum pole suitable for areas with low winds, and our Patio Flagpoles, available in a variety of sizes and finishes, and our 20’ Commander Flagpole, a residential flagpole that complies with common HOA regulations. Not sure what size flagpole you’ll need for your home? A telescoping flagpole allows you to adjust your flagpole from 9’ to 20’ to best suit your home.

Residential Flagpole Kits from Carrot-Top

Need a flag with your flagpole? We offer a host of residential flagpole kits that include everything you need to install an American flag at home. These American Flag Sets come with a variety of U.S.-made American flags, poles, and installation hardware. Some great options include our Metropolitan Pre-Assembled Flag and Flagpole Sets and the Deluxe Beacon® American Flag Set, which comes with an exclusive Carrot-Top Beacon® flag—a top-quality flag with a 6-month guarantee. Our 3'x5' Republic U.S. Home Flag Set is an affordable set for the budget conscious, and our Antiqued Home Flag Set includes a U.S. 100% Cotton Flag for a beautiful rustic look. Looking for something smaller? Try a U.S. Garden Flag and Pole Set to bring some patriotic flair to your front or backyard.

How Can We Help?

Carrot-Top has been a leader in flags and flag accessories since 1980! Our selection of U.S. flags, state flags, and military flags is unsurpassed in the industry. Complete your flag display with essential hardware items like wall mount brackets, collars, snaphooks, and flagpole toppers.

We also offer comprehensive flag resources to help you with your flag buying experience. Check out our flag etiquette articles as well as our wide range of solar lighting products to help you fly your flag 24 hours a day! We’re here to help you with any questions or comments you encounter. Give us a call at 800-628-3524 today!

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