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Small American flags


Small American flags are a great novelty item to have at any event. Pass them out at a school function or while celebrating the Fourth of July with a town parade. With an American flag in hand, your guests and attendees will feel a sense of patriotic pride and community. Our mini American flags are available in cotton, polyester, muslin and plastic to ensure that you have the perfect flag for your purpose. Don't forget to take advantage of our large quantity discounts when you buy in bulk!


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Small American Flags for All Occasions

So many events are more fun when your attendees are waving around a small American flag! At sporting events, parades and everything in between, everyone will feel a sense of pride and togetherness holding up their own flag. Carrot-Top Industries has a variety of mini American flags for all occasions.

And not only will you find flags for events, but you'll browse a wide selection of miniature flags like our Armed Forces collection, desktop flags and car flags.

Parades and Events 

Small American flags are ideal for any town, sports or public event! Our selection of mini flags includes safety style, traditional and economical.

Safety style flags are ideal for children – featuring a wooden or plastic staff, this model includes a ball top to help prevent children from getting hurt.

Traditional flags are crafted with cotton or no fray cotton and are finished with a chemical process. The plastic staff and spear topper create a sleek and classic look.

Economical flags feature brighter colors and offer a clean presentation for sporting events, national holidays and parades. These affordable flags are a great way to spread patriotism at any event!

Whether it's a ball game or rallying at a public event, small American flags are the perfect way to include everyone in the crowd. For special events like the Fourth of July, our unique 4" x 6" 4th of July Muslin flag is perfect for the patriotic holiday and has "Happy 4th of July" printed on the hem.

All of our small American parade flags are made right here in the U.S.A.!

Small American Flags for Car Shows and Parades

During a car show or town parade, it's easy to be patriotic with a mini U.S. flag that's tailor-made for your car. For a VIP guest, you'll want to check out our U.S. Flag Kit, which features a gorgeous 8" x 12" fringed flag and an aluminum flag staff. Shop polyester miniature flags that are made to withstand the worst of weather and retain their bright color for extended periods of time. We also carry small U.S. flags made of tough marine grade nylon for extended outdoor use. Note that these car flags are not for use at high speeds and should only be used for car shows or parades.

Decorate Your Desk with Desktop American Flags 

We carry handsome mini U.S. flags that are ideal for displaying on your home or office desk. These desktop American flags usually come in a set and include a beautiful flag base in either brass or wood. Browse simple flags or ones with an elegant gold fringe and tassel for a distinguished presentation.

Military personnel and veterans will love our Miniature Armed Forces Flag Set, which features a flag base that holds six nylon flags for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, along with a small American flag. Buy it for yourself or show your thanks by gifting it to your favorite veteran for a birthday or holiday.

For the constant traveler, we carry a unique selection of table bases for mini flags. Collect 4" x 6" country and state flags to display proudly on your desk or in a classroom. Not only will they give your desk personality, but they make for a great conversation topic as well!

Buying Mini Flags in Bulk 

We specialize in providing high quality mini American flags, state flags and country flags to businesses, governments and other large institutions. When you buy in bulk, you'll receive a generous quantity discount! Our mini U.S. flags are available for sale at a rate of less than 30 cents per flag! Miniature flags can help you cultivate a great sense of patriotic camaraderie at your next event. Buy flags from Carrot-Top Industries and rest easy knowing that you’ve purchased a high quality product at an affordable price.

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