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Flagpole Cleats

A vital part of your flag display, a flagpole cleat is used to secure the halyard rope to your flagpole safely while raising your flag. Flag cleats from Carrot-Top come in aluminum, bronze, and fiberglass options to fit flagpoles of all sizes. Browse our selection of flagpole cleats below and scroll down to read more about flagpole cleats in the description section. 

12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)

Flagpole Cleats for Safety and Function

A small but mighty part of your flag display, flagpole cleats keep the halyard rope safely secured to your flagpole while you raise your flag. At Carrot-Top we offer aluminum cleats and fiberglass flag cleats as well as a variety of cleat cover boxes and channels to protect your outdoor flag display from theft and tampering.

When shopping for a flag cleat, you will choose your hardware based on flagpole size and material. Most flagpoles under 20’ will use a 6” cleat; others will use a 9” cleat. We carry aluminum cleats and fiberglass cleats in both sizes in a variety of finishes to match your flagpole.

Looking for other flagpole accessories? Other essential pieces of your flag display include halyard rope and snaphooks for attaching your flag. Browse our full selection of flagpole accessories for the full complement.

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