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For over 30 years Carrot-Top Industries has been providing high quality American made stock and custom street banners to towns, schools and organizations across the nation. Below you will find information on many topics including ordering, designing, installing and caring for your new street banners. If you have any additional questions, our customer service representatives are available.
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Quote/Order Process:

Whether you order a stock design street banner or want to create a custom street banner, we know what it takes to attract new visitors and instill pride in your community! We are making it easier than ever to have all the tools you need to make an informed decision for your street banner order. Follow the simple steps below for a quote or call today to place an order.

STEP 1: Request a Quote! 

Submit your request online and one of our experienced custom representatives will contact you within 24 hours with a price quote.

STEP 2: Sign the Quote and Request a Proof!

Once you sign the quote and return it by fax or email, you are approving the pricing listed and your custom representative submit your artwork to our graphic artists for a proof.

STEP 3: Approve your Proof and Submit your Payment Method!

To ensure that your custom product has been designed to your specifications, we ask that you review the proof thoroughly. You will need to check the design for spelling errors, ink color use, design of artwork and overall placement. All custom orders will be ON HOLD until a signed proof form is received by fax or email. 

  • Acceptable payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover, Check by Mail, and Purchase Orders.
  • We are happy to supply a W-9 and will complete any vendor registration information that you may require, upon request from your treasurer’s office.
  • Standard Delivery is 2 to 3 weeks after your final layout is approved and payment method is received.

FAQs about Requesting A Quote and Ordering:

What Material should I choose?

We offer 3 different banner Materials to choose from. Each have their own distict look and applications.


18oz. Vinyl (Our Most Popular)

  • eye-catching shiny vinyl material
  • Recommended for light to moderate wind areas
  • Digital printing technique capable of printing photos, shading & fine detail
  • No minimum quantity required


Main Street

  • acrylic coated polyester material
  • Recommended for higher wind areas
  • Digital printing technique capable of printing photos, shading & fine detail
  • No minimum quantity required
  • Unlimited imprint colors



  • canvas-like marine acrylic material
  • Longest lasting material
  • Screen printing technique for simple solid color designs only
  • Minimum quantity of 3 required
  • Limited background colors available
  • Up to 3 imprint colors only

What size banner and hardware should I use?

Many factors go into choosing the right size banner. You will need to work with your local utility provider or Department of Transportation as well as your city or town to find out if there are restrictions or regulations regarding banner use. 

Also consider these factors and discuss them with your representative when deciding on the right size and material for your banner location:


  • Will they be beside a highway, a downtown street, walkway, or in a parking lot?
  • Will they be attached to buildings or on light poles?

Local Weather

  • Are they in shaded areas or largely direct sun?
  • Is it windy?  Does it rain often? 

Our customer service experts can help giude you in the right directon, If you have a question, please ask. We're here to help!


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Designs and Artwork:

Our on-staff expert graphic artists have extensive experience designing beautifully crafted and impactful custom street banners for towns and cities, elementary schools and nationally recognized universities. Whether you are planning to celebrate an annual festival or you want to bring in the crowds with a strategic milestone, no job is too large or too small for Carrot-Top Industries. We will help you achieve your one-of-a-kind look. Provide us with your existing logo or we can create one to fit your needs. We have the ability to make logos based on landmarks, photographs or your specific event’s theme. You can also choose to customize any of our stock designs by adding your logo, name or personal message!




FAQs about Designs and Artwork:

What artwork file type do I need to submit?

Although we require graphics in vector format to print, please feel free to submit any image you have and our graphic designers will convert it. All of the files that are not submitted in vector format may be subject to a one-time artwork charge. Acceptable vector file formats are EPS, AI and PDF files.


Can I use a photo on my banner?

All photos must be submitted in the highest resolution possible, at least 300 dpi or they will appear blurred when expanded to the print size.


I already have someone to create my artwork; do you have a template I can use?

We do not have a street banner template available. We can make a street banner in any size to fit your needs.
First - Set up the file to the size of the banner you're purchasing (30x60", 17x36", etc.)
Second - Follow the example below for text and logo placement, regardless of your banner size, it will be set up correctly for us to print. 

How can I be sure my text is large enough to be legible from a distance?

Keep it simple! Miminal text and bold design make for big impact and a readable banner. The best rule-of-thumb is every 1” of letter height provides 10’ of readability with the best impact. For example, 3” letters on a banner will make the best impact within 30’; however, they can still be seen and read from up to 100’ away.


My design includes an arrow pointing in the same direction from the front and the back, how can I be sure this will print correctly?

Our graphic artists can easily invert or flip your artwork so the arrow on the back will face the same direction as the front. See the example below:


How can I be sure to match my logo or school’s colors in my artwork?

Colors vary based upon the material on which they are printed. We recommend that you provide the exact PMS or Pantone Matching System color that matches your colors. If you, your marketing department or designer does not have the PMS colors we'd be happy to match you existing colors, just ask!

Every effort is taken to ensure your printed graphics are accurate and according to your specifications.
Due to the nature of large format digital printing, we cannot guarantee the exact color match of a specific color.


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  • Follow the instructions supplied with the specific hardware you purchased for proper installation
  • Always verify that high profile traffic, such as busses and trucks, will not come in contact with the installed brackets
  • We recommend new installations be visually inspected 30 days after initial installation to insure brackets are tight and trim
  • Always inspect banners after unusually heavy windstorms, as abnormal gusts and flying debris may affect the quality of installation


FAQs about Installation Troubleshooting:

Why is my banner loose or flapping around?

This occurs when your brackets are not set far enough apart. You will need to adjust the distance between them.


Why is my banner puckered or showing stress lines?

This occurs when banner is being stretched too far. You will need to set the brackets more closely together.


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Storing & Caring for Banners:

  • Never store banners wet
  • Banners should be stored in a cool and dry place
  • Keep banners out of direct sun and avoid prolonged exposure to heat when stored (car, trunk, storage building, etc.)
  • **DO NOT FOLD BANNERS**Roll banners on a tube and line with unprinted paper to avoid image transfer


FAQs about Storing & Caring for Banners:

How long will my banners last?

If you change your banners out with each season (every three months) when displayed, maintained and stored properly, they should last three years minimum.


If you have one banner design to display year round, when displayed, maintained and stored properly, they should last at least three seasons in one year minimum. 


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