Bannermaster™ Street Banner Hardware

Starting At: $122.75

Our BannerMaster™ street banner hardware includes single and double displays to display either one or two banners on the same pole. With a double banner assembly the two banners are displayed side-by-side on either side of the pole they are attached to.

Our uniquely designed BannerMaster™ Bracket flexes with heavy wind loads and arms can be adjusted up and down for easy installation and use. For more about this street banner hardware see the description tab below. 

The BannerMaster™ street banner hardware kits can be used to display street banners in areas with wind speeds up to 77MPH. This banner hanging hardware is built for use with street banners that measure 30” in width and ideally with light poles or street poles measuring 18 feet and more.  The banner hardware allows for the banners attached to be tightened and adjusted without removing the hardware from the light post and makes maintenance a lot easier. Both single and double BannerMaster™ Street banner hardware kits come with stainless steel bands that attach to the back plates of the hardware and go around the light post.

Couple your street banner hanging kit with one our exclusively designed stock street banners. These banners are available in several themes including seasonal and welcome banners. Carrot-Top also designs custom made street banner to boost exposure for your event or business. See the full range of custom products. Our patriotic products and American flag collection houses products of all types to fit any situation. For more about our products call a Carrot-top industries staff member on (800)628-3524.

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