Street Pole Banner Hardware

Banner hardware from Carrot-Top makes it easy to attach flags and street banners to any size street pole or post. We carry several styles of durable and reliable banner hanging hardware—from lamp post brackets and bands to decorative hardware. Looking for replacement hardware for your street banner? We offer dozens of options in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your surroundings and needs perfectly. Take a look at the different banner hanging hardware options that we offer and choose the best fit for your needs. Looking for a street banner to go with your banner hardware? We also specialize in stock and custom street banners in a variety of durable materials for long-term outdoor display. Browse our Street Banner Buying Guide for an overview of the different styles offered here.

Click on the product images below to learn more about our selection of hardware or scroll down to the bottom for a more detailed description of our offerings. When you’re ready to order, we offereasy checkout and fast shipping on hundreds of in-stock items, including our banner hardware at!

16 Products

Bannerguard™ Street Banner Hardware
$62.99 to $176.99
1 review
Bannerflex® Metro™ Street Banner Hardware
$123.99 to $149.99
Bannerflex® Airow™ Street Banner Hardware
$166.99 to $183.99
Decorative Iron Banner Holder
$442.99 to $461.99
Plastic Straps - Medium - 11"
Flat Mount Banner Brackets
$160.99 to $204.99
Fiberglass Banner Rods
$9.99 to $11.99
Ornamental Aluminum Banner Holder
$149.99 to $165.99
Fiberglass Flagpole Banner Arm
Ring For Street Banner Hardware
Back Plate For Banner Hardware
Stainless Steel Bands 52"
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Select up to 4 items to compare.