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Flash Collars and Bases

We carry a variety of flagpole flash collars for in-ground outdoor flagpoles. The flash collars add a finishing touch to your flagpole and protects the ground sleeve from water and dirt. The collars are available in several different designs and a couple of different styles to fit your flagpole’s dimensions and current state. For more detailed product information click on an image of your choice. For general information about our flash collars see the description tab below.

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)

Our flagpole flash collars are perfect for keeping dirt, water and grime out of you flagpole’s foundation. Keeping the foundation dry and clean allows for a safe and secure flagpole sleeve and anchor. These flash collars reduce the chances of the flagpole being uprooted in heavy rain or storm conditions. Our flash collars are available in a regular ring style, where the flash collar has to be placed around the pole and can only be installed when a flagpole is not placed in-ground, and the split collar which can be installed when the flagpole has already been installed and does not require the flagpole to be uprooted.

See our entire collection of outdoor flag pole parts to finish off your flag display and give it a professional, sleek look. Our accessories include flagpole ornaments, flag pole trucks and many more items. Browse through all of our flags to find an outdoor flag to suit your display. We offer high quality American flags, Military and memorial flags of all kinds, sport flags, state and city flags, custom flags and many more. Browse through our indoor flag poles and accessories to pick out a flag display for an indoor setting. For more information about our products contact a customer service member on (800)628-3524.

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