Flagpole Flash Collars

Starting At: $34.95

Flagpole flash collars are ideal for capping your flagpole off and finishing its sleek look while adding another layer of protection against outdoor conditions. All our flagpole collars featured are made of durable aluminum to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

The flagpole flash collars are available in several sizes and you can be sure to fins one that fits your flagpole. For more information about flash collar sizes and installation read the description tab at the bottom of this page.

Flagpole flash collars are made of brushed aluminum and are ideal for use in long term outdoor displays. Flagpoles with a ground sleeve often are inserted into the ground sleeve with no other protection or layer to prevent water from entering into the sleeve. The flash collars prevent dirt and water from entering into the ground sleeve and compromising the flagpoles secure placement.

Our flagpole flash collars are available in several sizes to fit flagpoles with different diameters. Flagpole collars are available for flagpoles with a base diameter of 3”, 4”, 5” and 6”.

For more information about our flagpole collars or any of our other products do not hesitate to contact one of our in-house experts at (800)628-3524. Backed with more than 3 decades of experience, Carrot-Top experts will have a solution for any problem you might have.

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