Welcome Swooper Flag Kit

Starting At: $67.00

There are average-sized welcome flags that may or may not get noticed – and then there’s the Welcome Swooper Flag Kit! The Welcome Swooper Flag Kit stands 15’ tall and comes with everything you need for setup and display – no other parts or accessories needed.

  • Perfect for grand openings, events or new locations
  • Perfect near a busy road or parking lot entrance
  • Rich blue or vivid red background
  • Rip-proof flagpole sleeve
  • Tough nylon with heavy-duty stitching
  • Includes durable steel ground spike for installation
  • Vertical white lettering displays clearly with or without wind
  • Imported

Why Buy A Welcome Swooper Flag Kit?

When it comes to getting the attention of customers, a store location or an event needs every advantage it can get. That’s where the Welcome Swooper Flag Kit comes in! There are lots of outdoor advertising flags on the market, but these welcome flags can really hook attention with their height and bold white lettering on a red or blue background. With a 15’ welcome flag, you’ll need to consider trees, power lines or any other possible issues with overhead clearance.

Unlike other outdoor advertising flags, the Welcome Swooper Flag Kit is fully-equipped and complete with everything you need for setup and display. It will fit firmly into dirt or grass (not hard surfaces) with a heavy-duty 25” long steel spike that is ½” in diameter and pointed at the end for easy insertion.

Attached to the spike is a steel sleeve into which the flagpole’s bottom section fits firmly.

The 15’ aluminum pole comes in four separate sections, each 47” in length and tapering towards the top:

  • Bottom section is 1 1/8” in diameter at its base
  • Second section is 1” in diameter
  • Third section is 7/8” diameter
  • Top section is ¾” diameter at the base and curved to keep the flag’s shape

Each section fits snugly into the next section, but the top section is mobile and can swing to follow wind direction. Please note that this is not a defect, but a design feature.

The flag is digitally printed on heavy-duty nylon and measures 11.5’ x 2’. It features two rows of stitching at each edge, with a nylon rope that secures it to the flagpole and a tough, rip-proof nylon sleeve. The single-reverse digital printing means its lettering will display properly on one side and reverse on the other. Digital printing penetrates 95 percent through to the reverse side for bold and resilient color.

Need more information? Just call Carrot-Top at 800-628-3524 with any questions and one of our trained, experienced customer care professionals will be happy to answer them for you.

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