Patriotic Fan – Five Stripe Fan - 3' X 6'

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Our Patriotic fan features a 5-stripe design with the inner most stripe being red, then white, followed by a blue and finally two more white and red stripes in that respective order. The five stripe patriotic fan is available in cotton or nylon and in several sizes to fit your space.

The patriotic fans can be used in both indoor and outdoor displays. For more information about the five striped patriotic fan see the description tab below the product options. 

GSA contract pricing on select items only; call for details.

The patriotic fan is a staple decoration for any 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day or any other patriotic celebration. These fans have been used over time to decorate buildings, stage and a whole host of other places to bring about a sense of national pride in the people around.

Buy patriotic fan made of nylon or cotton to suit your celebration. Our Cotton patriotic fans have a more traditional look and allow for easier and flowing pleats. The nylon flags are extremely light but durable and come with a glossy finish. Both types of fans can be used indoors and outdoors. Colors on the cotton patriotic banner may bleed when wet; nylon flags are perfect for wet weather with their quick drying capabilities and endurable design. Both kinds of fans feature a header and grommets for attachment. The grommets can be used with our flag halyard or with snap hooks.

Nylon patriotic fans are available in a 4’x8’ or 3’x6’ size or a set of two fans measuring 3x3’ each. Cotton patriotic fans are available in a 3’x6’ or a set of two fans measuring 3’x3’ (all sizes are given as length x width). In addition to our patriotic fans Carrot Top also offers patriotic fans with stars, American flag fans, patriotic street banners, banners and pull downs. Also see our exclusive Beacon® nylon American flag and our Patriarch® polyester American flag our premier branded American flags. For more information, about the patriotic fan or any of the products seen on this site, call us on (800)628-3524. Our in-house customer service representatives are backed by 30 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about all of our products. 

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