Outdoor Navy Flags

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The outdoor Navy flag features the Navy insignia with Navy’s iconic logo featuring a spread eagle, a luce-type anchor and a 3-masted square rigged ship and the specified dark blue background. Our outdoor Navy flags are available in polyester and nylon. Our 200 denier nylon Navy flag features durable nylon and are made of extremely light fabric. The polyester Navy flag is made using extremely strong 2-ply polyester.

For more information about our outdoor Navy flags refer the description tab below or watch our informational video about the Outdoor Navy flags.

GSA contract pricing on select items only; call for details.

Our outdoor Navy flags are designed for use in long-term displays and are excellent for use in any conditions. The durable 200 denier nylon Navy outdoor flags are tailor made use in wet weather conditions. Nylon is extremely light and is able to dry extremely quickly. The nylon flags can withstand light-moderate winds which makes our nylon Navy flags the most flexible flags. The 2-ply polyester Navy flags are perfect for high wind conditions. The polyester flags have a cotton-like finish and are regarded as one of the strongest flag fabrics available. Our outdoor Navy flags are built with brass grommets and canvas heading. The brass grommets allow for the flags to be attached to an outdoor flagpole. The flags are available in nylon and polyester materials.  

The 200 denier nylon Navy flag is available in 2’x3’, 3’x5’, 4’x6’, 5’x8’ sizes or a 12”x18” mini flag. The polyester Navy flag is available in 3’x5’ or 4’x6’ sizes. 

The U.S. Navy flag doesn’t fly from ships as the national flag and other signal flags are flown instead. The flag is basically used as a ceremonial symbol and is only carried by honor guards in parades and other ceremonies. The U.S. Navy still uses the international nautical flags, even in this technological age of radio and satellites. The flag is always displayed with a set of streamers commemorating the battles, campaigns and service of the Navy, since 1775. For more information about our Navy flags contact us at (800)628-3524.  

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