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State & City

Our U.S. City and state flags are available in a variety of styles and sizes and perfect for showing off your pride for your location. Our outdoor State flags come in both a lightweight nylon material as well as an extra-tough polyester flag material designed for more extreme weather. Choose from sizes as small as 4"x6" all the way to an extra-large 6'x10' State flag for larger flagpoles.

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All of our city and state flags are designed with quality in mind and constructed from some of the best materials in the industry to produce a long lasting and durable product. Our outdoor city and state flags come with a header and grommets for easy attachment; indoor flags come with a lined pole sleeve to insert a flag pole. We also have miniature State flags that are perfect for parades, educational purposes as well as on a desk display. These State stick flags feature the State flag of your choice mounted on a black plastic staff.

Carrot-Top provides a full range of patriotic and special event products. Browse through our American flags, ideal for pairing with a state and city flag for an ultimate patriotic flag display. Our Beacon® nylon American flag and the Patriarch® polyester American flag are exclusive Carrot-Top products ideal for long term displays. To complete your flag display pick out a flag pole and flag pole accessories. We also offer high quality Custom products. For more about our products contact a Carrot-Top team member on (800)628-3524. 

Note: All state flags, nylon and polyester, are digitally printed except for the State of Texas flag. It is Sewn with an Applique star.

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