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Tunisia Flags

The Tunisia flag is a reminder of the Nation’s rich history and the role it played as a part of the great Ottoman Empire. We offer Tunisian flags in three styles, for indoor, outdoor and mini flag displays. The outdoor flags are ideal for all-weather use, the indoor flags are built for extended life and miniature flag comes attached to a 10” plastic staff. For more about each product click on the respective image below.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The Tunisia flag has a simple and minimal design with three elements that come together to make the flag. The three elements are a red background, a white disc placed in the center and a red crescent and star symbol inside the disc. The color red has been used in the flag of Tunisia since before the adoption of this version and has always played a large part in the Ottoman Empire as well as Islam. These traditions have been retained in the current version as well. The star and crescent assembly is also a popularly used symbol associated with Islam and is considered lucky. The circle is said to represent the sun and pays tribute to its importance to life. The exact date of adoption for this flag version is not clear, it is said that this flag was adopted sometime between 1831 and 1835 and the design has remained the same for all these years making this flag one of the oldest national banners.

The Tunisia flag can be bought in an outdoor version fitted with a header and grommets allowing it to be lo flown on any outdoor commercial pole or in-ground outdoor residential pole. The indoor flags are made of durable nylon leading to long lasting displays. These flags feature a gold fringe made of rayon and a lined pole sleeve capable of accommodating any of our parade and indoor flagpoles. The mini flags are ideal for use with our mini flag accessories.

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