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Seychelles Flags

The Seychelles flag has a unique flag design to symbolize a new country, with a new attitude, moving towards a brighter future. The flags come in three varieties for indoor, outdoor and mini flag displays. Indoor and outdoor flags are made of durable nylon. The mini flag comes attached to a black staff for easy hand held display. For more about each flag types click on an image below. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The Seychelles flag features five bands of varying color that taper and angle towards the bottom left or hoist end of the flag. This tapering effect gives the flag a unique design and the flag’s body consists of four triangles in blue, yellow, white and green and an irregular red quadrangle similar to a diamond. The red, white and green bands represent the country’s People’s United Party. The blue and yellow bands represent the Democratic Party. The blue stripe is also a sign that represents the sea and sky that surround Seychelles. The yellow band is an ode to the sun, while red represents the unity amongst the people of the country. The white band represents harmony and justice, ideals the country strives towards. Finally, the green stripe is a symbol for the country’s natural beauty and wealth.

The outdoor Seychelles flags are equipped with a header and grommets and can be attached to any of our outdoor flag poles. These flags are made of durable nylon and can withstand rain and sunshine in moderate winds. The indoor version of the national flag is also made of durable nylon for long term displays and come with a capped pole sleeve for display on our indoor and parade poles. Mini flags measure 4”x6” and come with an attached staff which can be used to pair the flag with our mini flag accessories.

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