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Malta Flags

The flag of Malta features a two toned design with the Gorge Cross placed in the Canton. It is speculated that the flag’s design is based on the flag of the Knights of Malta. These flags are available for indoor and outdoor use in all-weather situations. The outdoor Malta flags come in four sizes while the indoor flag measure 3’x5’. The indoor flags are ideal for official displays. We also have a mini flag of Malta for desktop and handheld use. For more about these products click on an image below or read the description below. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Malta flags are colored red and white with the George Cross placed in its canton. The flag is divided in to two equally sized vertical sections with the left one (section closer to the hoist end) colored in white and the right stripe colored red. The origin of the flag’s design is not confirmed but legend dictates that it is based on the last two checks on the flag of the Norman family from Hauteville. The George cross first appeared on the flag in 1943 after it was awarded to the people of Malta by King George VI. The Cross was a sign of gratitude honoring the heroic resistance the Maltese people provided in the early stages of World War II when Germans and Italians attacked the islands. The current version of the Maltese national flag was adopted in 1964.

Our Malta flags can be bought in three types, outdoor, indoor and miniature. The outdoor flags are made of nylon and designed to withstand rain or shine. They are fitted with a header and grommets allowing for attachment to any commercial flagpole or other outdoor home-flagpoles. The indoor flag is ideal for official displays and comes fitted with a gold fringe. These flags have a pole sleeve capable of accommodating any of our parade and indoor flagpoles. The miniature Malta flag measures 4”x6”, ideally sized for use with our mini flag bases.

Carrot-Top Industries offers many different world flags. Our collection of US flags is unmatched in the industry. We also provide indoor flagpole accessories and outdoor flagpole parts. For more about these flags or any of the products seen on this website contact us on (800) 628-3524.

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