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The flag of Luxembourg has three horizontal stripes of equal size and is based on elements that have been a part of Luxembourg’s history and the history of the people who inhabit the nation. Our Luxembourg flags are available in three types for indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor and indoor flags are made of durable nylon for long term displays. The mini flags come attached to a black staff ideal for handheld and table top displays. For detailed information about these products click on an image below. 

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

The national flag of Luxembourg has three stripes of equal size running horizontally across the flag. The top stripe is colored red, the second is white and the final stripe is light-blue. The Luxemburg flag is almost identical to the Dutch flag with the difference being the lighter blue color which was purposely used in the Luxembourg flag to differentiate the two. The flag’s colors are said to have been taken from the coats of arms of Luxembourg’s Counts and Dukes. The design was first used in 1845 but it was written into law in 1972 with the lighter blue stripe being specified to make the Luxembourg flag unique.

Our Luxembourg flags can be purchased in three varieties. The outdoor flag is ideal for long-term all weather displays. The flags are water resistant and come fitted with a header and grommets. The flag can be flown on any outdoor commercial pole or in-ground home flagpoles. The indoor flag comes with a gold fringe, ideal for official displays, and a capped pole sleeve to accommodate a parade or indoor flagpole. The miniature flags are ideal for use in upright displays with our mini flag accessories.

Browse through all of our world flags and our American flags to find ideal flags for your display. We offer indoor flagpole accessories and outdoor flagpole parts in a variety of materials, styles and sizes to fit any flagpole. For more details about our products contact us on (800)628-3524.

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