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Liechtenstein Flags

The flag of Liechtenstein is a reminder of the nation’s proud and rich history. The colors on the flag have been a part of their history since the 18th century. Our national Liechtenstein flags are available for indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor flags come in 4 sizes, the indoor flag measure 3’x5’ and we also offer a miniature 4”x6” flag. For more details about each product click on an image below or scroll down to the bottom of this page. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

National Liechtenstein flags are divided in to two equal horizontal parts. The top half of the flag is colored blue while the bottom is red. On the top left hand (hoist end) corner of the flag is a golden yellow crown. The blue color represents the sky and red is a symbolic reminder of the fires lit in the evening, in Latvian households.

The crown is a sign of the unity that exists amongst the people of the country. The original design of the Latvian national flag, adopted in 1921, did not include the image of the crown. In 1937 the crown was added to differentiate between the flag of Latvia and that of Haiti.

Our Latvian national flags come in three types. The indoor flag is made of vibrant nylon and finished with a gold fringe. These flags can be displayed on any of our parade and indoor flagpoles. The outdoor flag is designed to withstand rain and shine. These flags can be flown on any of our commercial flagpoles or home flagpoles. The mini flag measures 4”X6” and our mini flag bases are tailor made for them.

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