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Libya Flags

The Libya national flag reflects the nation’s ideals of Arab liberation.  Our Libya flags are available for indoor and outdoor displays. The outdoor Libya flags are constructed using heavy duty nylon, the indoor flags come with a gold fringe and pole sleeve. We also carry a mini Libya flag ideal for desktop displays. For more click on a product image below. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Libya flag design features three horizontal stripes in red, black and green with a white crescent and star in the center of it. The Libyan flag’s design was based on the flag of the Cyrenaica, one of the three kingdoms joined together to create one nation. Two stripes were added to the black flag to represent the two other kingdoms with a red stripe representing Fezzan and a green one for Tripolitania. The color green is also said to represent Islam and the red acts as a reminder of a violent past. The flag was designed and established in 1949 shortly before achieving independence in 1951.

Pick a Libya flag to fit your flag display needs. We provide great outdoor flags with sharp graphics and high quality materials for long term use. These outdoor flags can be used with any of our outdoor flagpoles. Indoor Libya flags can also be used with our indoor and parade flag poles for a distinguished flag display. The flag is also available in a 4”x6” miniature size.

Browse our entire collection of world flags and our unmatched selection of indoor and outdoor American flags for all settings, locations and weather conditions. We also provide many different indoor flag pole accessories and outdoor flagpole parts for use as replacements or for a finishing touch. See our custom products for more options. Call us on (800)628-3524 for more.

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