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France Flags

The French flag is widely known as the French Tricolor because of its three vertical stripes. Our National France flags are available in an outdoor, indoor and miniature version. Both indoor and outdoor flags are made of durable nylon material. The outdoor flags are ideal in all weather conditions. Indoor flags come fitted with a gold fringe and are perfect for long term displays. To learn more about each of these flag types read the description below or click on a product image. 

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

The French flag features three vertical stripes of equal size colored in blue, white and red in that order going from left to right. The red and blue colors of the flag are deeply tied in to France’s history. These colors were used in a cockade worn by the Paris Militia who played a large role in the French Revolution and the storming of the Bastille. These two colors were used based on their traditional association with Paris as a city. The white stripe was included after the design of the cockade changed at its adoption by the French National Guard. White is also referred to as the ancient French color. The Tricolor was first recognized as the French national flag in 1790, the flags colors were reversed later on in 1794 and the design has remain unchanged. It was ousted as the national banner in 1815 but readopted in 1830 and has remained unchanged since then.

Our National France flags for outdoor use are made of industrial strength nylon fabric ideal for all-weather use. These flags have a canvas header and grommets to prevent fraying and allow it to be flown on any outdoor flagpole with ease. The indoor flags have the same nylon design, ideal for long term use, and a gold fringe. These flags have a pole sleeve to accommodate any indoor flagpole. Our miniature French flags measure 4”x6” and come attached to a plastic staff. Join the staff and our mini flag accessories to make unique flag displays.

Carrot-Top proudly offers world flags from many different countries. We offer a large variety of American flags in many different sizes and styles. See our flagpole parts and indoor flagpole accessories to find replacement parts or ornaments to decorate your flag display. For more information call one of our experienced customer service representatives on (800)628-3524. 

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