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Estonia Flags

Estonia flags are a symbol of the nation’s past and its rich culture. The flags are said to resemble the folk costumes traditionally worn by Estonians. Our Estonian flags are available for indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor flag is available in four sizes and can be fitted on an outdoor flagpole of your choice. The indoor flags are ideal in official flag displays and the mini flags are perfectly made for table-top displays. For more information click on a product image or see the detailed description below. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The flag of Estonia has a three stripe design featuring blue, black and white stripes. The blue stripe on the flag design is said to be a symbol of the sky and the coastal areas of the country. The black stripe represents the people of Estonia and the suffering they endured in the past. The black stripe is also a reminder of the traditional black jacket worn by Estonians. The white stripe symbolizes peace and unity between the people in the country. The flag design was adopted in 1918 at first, however Estonia was occupied by Russia from 1940 till 1991. The flag was banned during that period and then reinstated in 1991 as the national flag of Estonia.

Outdoor Estonia flags are made of durable industrial strength nylon for all-weather outdoor use. They come fitted with a header and grommets which allow the flag to be connected to a flagpole rope with the aid of flag hooks. The flags can be flown on any of our commercial and residential flagpoles. The indoor Estonia flags have a gold fringe and a lined pole sleeve for use with our parade and indoor flag poles. Our mini flags can be fitted together with our mini flag accessories and bases for upright displays.

Carrot-Top industries provide a large number of world flags and American flags ideal for all situations. Add an indoor flagpole accessories or some outdoor flagpole parts to your display for added effect. For more information call our customer service representatives on (800)628-3524.

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