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Austria Flags

The Austria flag design is said to be based on the bloody clothes of the Austrian Duke, Leopold V, after a gory battle. Buy an indoor, outdoor or miniature flag ideal for long term use. The indoor flags are made of nylon and have a gold fringe. Our mini Austrian flags measure 4”x6” and come with a 10” staff for handheld use. For more details click on an image below or scroll down to read more. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The Austria flag features a design with 3 horizontal stripes colored red and white alternatively. The two red stripes are placed on either side of the white stripe. The flag design is said to imitate the legendary coat and shirt of Duke Leopold V. His clothes were said to be drenched in blood and at the time of victory, when removing his belt, he found a clean white line that had been sheltered from the blood splatter. The flag was designed with that image in mind. The current version of the Austrian flag was adopted in in 1984 but there have been accounts of this flag design dating back to the mid-12th or 13th century. The flag is also regarded as one of the oldest national banners in the world.

Buy Austria flags for long term outdoor or indoor use. Both these flag types are made of nylon material and feature a glossy finish with vibrant colors. The outdoor flag comes fitted with a header and grommets. They can be attached to any of our commercial or outdoor residential flagpoles. The indoor flags have a pole sleeve and can be used with our parade and indoor flagpoles. Use our miniature Austria flags with our mini flag accessories.

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