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Albania Flags

The flag of Albania characterizes the courage of the Albanian people and also features several images that are indicative of its past. These flags are available in indoor, outdoor and miniature versions for any flags displays. The outdoor flags can be attached to any commercial or residential outdoor flagpole. They are made of heavy duty nylon for extended use in all-weather conditions. The indoor flags come with a gold fringe and the mini flags are attached to a plastic staff for easy handling. For more details see the description below or click on a product image of your choice. 

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

The Albania flag has a simple yet powerful flag design filled with meaning and history. Albanian national flags have a deep red background with the image of a stylized, double-headed eagle in silhouette placed in the center. The color red stands for courage, valor and bravery. The black double-headed eagle is a sign of Albania’s independence and sovereignty. The flag is nicknamed the flag of Skanderbeg as it is said that he used a similar eagle on his flag. Skanderbeg, or George Castriot was an Albanian who prevented Albania from being part of the large Ottoman Empire and fought for its independence. The flag design was first adopted in 1912 but the current design was established in 1992.

The outdoor Albania flags are made of heavy-duty nylon designed to withstand the elements in long term displays. These flags come with an attached header and grommets to allow the flag to be flown on any outdoor flagpole. The indoor flags have a striking gold fringe and a lined pole sleeve for use with any of our parade or indoor flagpoles. Use the mini Albania flag with one of our mini flag accessories for a great display.

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