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Celebrate the history of our nation with historic U.S. flags from Carrot-Top! You'll find a wide range of sizes and designs, including some from the very earliest days of the United States. Whether you're looking for a Grand Union flag – which as no stars at all – or the 15-Star Fort McHenry flag with its 15 stripes, each of these designs provides a fascinating look into U.S. history and honors a specific event that made us the great nation of today. Click on any of the individual flags shown here to learn more about the specific historic American flag and to make your purchase, or take a look below at our more detailed description to learn about the different types of flags and what they symbolize.</p

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  1. 21 Star Flag
    21 Star Flag
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    30 Star Flag
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    32 Star U.S. Flag
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America is a country of growth, expansion, and change, and the historic U.S. flags that you'll find at Carrot-Top are one of the most beautiful visible symbols of that development. All of these flags share common design traits that underscore the fundamental bedrock of our nation – the red and white stripes and the white stars on a field of blue – but each has a unique feature that distinguishes it from the rest. Each of these historical American flags is 3' x 5' in size, making it the perfect size for most outdoor flagpoles. Our flags are made of lightweight yet durable nylon, which dries quickly and is best in moderate wind conditions, and feature bright reds, whites, and blues.

The Grand Union flag, considered the first national flag of the United States, was adopted in 1775 – before the Declaration of Independence was written. While it had no stars, it did share the 13 red and white horizontal stripes that would become the hallmark of most future U.S. flags. The Grand Union was replaced by the 13 Star U.S. flag, which replaced the British Union flag in the canton with 13 stars. It was first flown in battle during the Siege of Fort Stanwix in August 1777.

The 15-Star Fort McHenry flag (sometimes called the "Star Spangled Banner" flag) has one unique feature that no other historic U.S. flags offer: 15 stripes as well as 15 stars. The two additional stripes were added in 1794 to honor Vermont (1791) and Kentucky (1792) joining the Union, but this was changed by the Flag Act of 1818, which created the rule that future flags would always have 13 stripes to honor the original colonies. One star would be added for each future state. Interestingly, no new official U.S. flag designs were created between 1794 and 1818, which is when the 20-Star U.S. flag was established. This flag is never considered obsolete and is actually still recognized by the United States.

With a new star being added to historical American flags from 1818 forward, matching a quality Beacon® Nylon U.S. flag and one of our historic American flags makes for a great display! Choose a flag that honors the year that your state joined the Union, whether it's a 21-Star flag to commemorate Illinois or a 45-Star flag for Utah. Every flag is made with care and includes a canvas header with brass grommets, making it durable and easy to install.

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