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Indoor & Parade Accessories

Buy indoor flagpole accessories to build your own indoor flagpole set or to replace parts on your existing set. Accessories include cord and tassel sets for you indoor flags or parade displays. Tassels and cords are a great way to make your flag display stand out and are often used by the government and military for special events.


Carrot-top also offers a large range of flagpole ornaments made of brass, aluminum, chrome or plastic with silver, gold and anodized finishes. Our selection of flagpole ornaments feature more than twenty different styles of ornaments and includes everything from conventional flagpole ornaments like spear tops, ball tops and eagles to military guidon staff ornaments like battalion lances and army spears. Carrot-Top offers a wide variety of parade accessories that are crucial for any Color Guard or parade event. Our parade accessories include several parade flag carrying belts, flagpole carrying cases, flag storage covers and parade gloves.

You can even build your own indoor flagpole set by mixing and matching our flagpoles, stands or bases, ornaments and cords and tassels. Our weighted bases come in several finishes and even feature stands to hold multiple indoor flags. We have several different types of indoor flag mounting brackets that are great for indoor flag displays in classrooms. These flagpole brackets feature easy-installation and are built for long term indoor displays. Browse through our product line by clicking on the category options below

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