Commercial Door Mats and Carpets

Perfect for schools, businesses and high-traffic organizations, our commercial floor mats promote a safer, healthier, and cleaner environment for your staff and visitors. Our selection of industrial floor mats includes rubber floor mats like the Superscrape™ mat as well as premium entrance mats like the Waterhog™ floor mat that keeps dirt and moisture at the door and off your floors! Browse our collection of floor mats and carpets below or scroll all the way down to keep reading.

12 Products

Colorstar Mats
$35.99 to $206.99
Waterhog™ Classic Mats
$44.99 to $359.99
5 reviews
Waterhog™ Grand Classic Mats
$38.99 to $1,119.99
Commercial Rubber Floor Mats - Superscrape™
$47.99 to $179.99
1 review
Waterhog Eco Premier Mats
$48.99 to $459.99
3 reviews
Waterhog Eco Elite Mats
$48.99 to $453.99
1 review
Hog Heaven™ Prime Mats
$69.99 to $336.99
Hog Heaven Mats
$64.99 to $519.99
1 review
Waterhog™ Grand Premier Mats - Recycled Mats
$45.99 to $1,329.99
Anti Fatigue Mat
$51.99 to $107.99
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Select up to 4 items to compare.