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Outdoor American Flags


Lightweight Material - Flies With Light Wind                                         Take a look at our comprehensive Flag Buying Guide
   Overall Rating  Guarantee US Made Price Life SpanColorfast Unusual Sizes   Sewing Quality 
Beacon® Nylon (Carrot-Top) Excellent Full Yes $$ 3 star 3 star Yes 3 star
Nyl-Glo® Nylon (Annin) Very Good Limited Yes $$$ 3 star 3 star No 3 star
Duratex® Polyester (Valley) Very Good Limited Yes $$$$ 3 star 3 star No 2 stars
Perma Nyl® Nylon (Valley) Good Limited Yes $$$ No
Heavyweight Material-Requires 30 MPH Winds Or More To Fly Well
  Patriarch® Polyester (Carrot-Top)         Excellent Full Yes $$ 3 star 3 star Yes 3 star
Tough Tex® Polyester (Annin) Very Good Limited Yes $$$ 3 star 3 star No 3 star
Koralex™ Polyester (Valley) Good Limited Yes $$$ No













There’s nothing more American than an outdoor American flag fluttering from a front porch, or high atop a free-standing flagpole. It symbolizes honor and reverence and love of country – and at Carrot-Top, you can find a wide selection of quality American flags for outdoor use, ranging from a 12” x 18” flag to the popular 3’ x 5’ size, all the way up to a huge 30’ x 60’ flag. Whether you need a flag for display on holidays or a flag that’s going to be up for weeks at a time, you can choose from outdoor American flags made of nylon, polyester, cotton or recycled materials.

With an unmatched 6-month warranty and superior prices and service, we think you’ll find that Carrot-Top’s Beacon® and Patriarch® brands are outstanding quality American flags, and a better buy than flags from competitors like Valley Forge, Annin and Eder.

With so many options for fabric, size and budget, things can get confusing. We break down your choices here:

Types of Outdoor American Flags and Their Applications:

Nylon Outdoor Flags:

Nylon outdoor US flags (such as our exclusive Beacon® brand) are designed for areas that see a lot of rain, but low prevailing winds. Their lightweight fabric enables them to fly high and proud in even the slightest breeze, while drying very quickly after a rain. The silky texture of nylon glistens in the sun, and helps these quality American flags to retain their color after long exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

Polyester Outdoor Flags:

Polyester outdoor American flags (such as our exclusive Patriarch® brand) have the silky finish and fast-drying properties of a nylon flag, yet are tougher and more durable. These qualities make a polyester American flag a great choice for coastal areas or other locations that see high winds and frequent rain.

Cotton Outdoor Flags:

American flags were made of cotton 200 years ago, long before synthetic fabrics, and cotton American flags still remain a favorite. The traditional look and feel of cotton flags makes them preferable for indoor use; they can also be used outdoors, but the colors may bleed and run when wet, so it may be best to reserve outdoor use for temporary displays.

Printed Outdoor Flags:

These budget-friendly outdoor US flags are perfect for short-term use or indoor display. The printing process renders rich and vibrant colors; the fabric of many printed flags comes from recycled plastic.

At Carrot-Top, all of our outdoor American flags are proudly made right here in the U.S.A. We carefully select all of our product lines for top quality, and back our outdoor US flags with an unmatched 6-month warranty. Go ahead and compare us to the competition at Annin, Valley Forge or Eder – our flags are designed and tailored for their specific purposes so there’s a flag for everyone. You can also find the ideal commercial or residential outdoor flagpoles to pair with your outdoor American flag.

For more details on which outdoor flag to buy see the video below or read through our flag buying guide. Contact us at 800-628-3524 to speak to a customer service agent.

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