Indoor American Flags

Our large selection of indoor American flags includes standard sizes perfect for displaying inside an office and larger sizes that leave an impression in any school gym! We carry poly-blend and nylon indoor flags that are ideal for long-term indoor use with an indoor mounting set or parade set and maintain their rich vibrant color over the years. These flags come with leather tabs and a flannel lined pole hem. All of our indoor U.S. flags feature embroidered stars that stand out proudly on the blue plane and vibrant sewn stripes.

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Indoor American Flag
$48.99 to $173.99
18 reviews
Annin Signature Series Indoor U.S. Fringe Flag
$109.99 to $166.99
2 reviews
Indoor U.S Flag Banner
$16.99 to $36.99
3 reviews
Mounted Polyester Fringed U.S. Flag - 8"X12"
1 review
Gold Plastic Table Flag Bases
$1.29 to $6.99
Mini U.S Table Flags - Desk Flags
$26.99 to $51.99
6 reviews
Black Plastic Table Base-4"X6" Flags
$1.22 to $2.95
5 reviews
51 Hole Table Base - 4"X6" Flag
Black Wood Table Flag Base - 12" X 18" Flag
$12.99 to $19.99
Gold Wood Table Base With 12 Holes
Wood Table Base With 10 Holes
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Select up to 4 items to compare.