15' X 25' Patriarch® Polyester American Flag

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Six Month Guarantee

Buy a 15’ x 25’ Patriarch® polyester American flags made for extreme weather conditions and high impact displays. Popular with our commercial banks, car dealerships, real estate agents, schools, National cemeteries, police departments and VA establishments.

  • For use on 70’ flagpoles when flown alone
  • Made using 2-ply Patriarch® polyester, fade resistant and durable
  • Fray resistant fly end stitching with 6 rows interlocking 
  • Rope header and 3 grommets for attachment
  • Patriarch®, trusted for more than 30 years
  • 6 month guarantee covers fading, tears or defects
  • Made in USA

Why buy a 15’ x 25’ polyester American flag?

Detailed Finish – Perfect for long term outdoor use

These flags feature corner pieces on the fly end to prevent fraying and tearing. As a standard for our large American flags, the 15’ x 25’ flags are fitted with a nylon roped header and two galavanized thimbles at the top and bottom. They are fitted with three grommets you can use to attach the flag to your halyard. Our 15' x 25’ Patriarch® polyester US flags feature appliqued stars.

2-ply Patriarch® woven polyester – 6 month guarantee

Carrot-Top industries’ Patriarch® fabric has been trusted for over 30 years. It is made of long lasting 2-ply woven polyester. The flags are heavier and far more durable than nylon American flags. Inks used when dyeing the fabric resist fading. Our 6 month guarantee covers tears, fading colors and flag defects on all flags made using the Patriarch® polyester material.

Larger than most American flags

Our 15’ x 25’ polyester American flags create a display that can't be ignored! These flags will stand out in any skyline. Ideal for towns, cities or villages celebrating holidays, they have also been used by businesses to attract attention, ideally on roadside businesses like car dealerships, commercial banks and real estate agents. 15’ x 25’ flags are also used to invoke a sense of patriotism by schools, Police departments, National cemeteries and county governments.

*If your flagpole is 70’ tall and you want to display two flags, we recommend using a 12’ x 18’ U.S flag with the secondary flag being 10’ x 15’.

Buy a flagpole to display your flag on. Browse through our impressive collection of commercial and residential flagpoles. Complete the display with our outdoor flagpole accessories including solar lights and flagpole ornaments. For more details about our 15’ x 25’ polyester American flags contact us on (800)628-3524. 

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