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Flag Poles & Flag Sets

Buying the correct flagpoles to suit your purpose is essential. We have flagpoles for all occasions, whether indoor, outdoor, commercial or residential settings. Carrot-Top also provides you with a large selection of flagpole accessories and flagpole ornaments. All fittings are free with the purchase of a flagpole. 

We also offer flagpole installation services and a variety of video tutorials on outdoor flagpole installation and indoor flagpole assembly. Visit our YouTube channel to browse through our video tutorials on flagpoles.  

We also offer a wide variety of flagpoles and sets for advertising purposes, these products include portable water bases for flagpoles, car stand flagpole holders and teardrop flagpoles for a unique look. Our commercial flagpoles include 70 foot flagpoles and 80 foot flagpoles. We also offer super-sized 125 foot flagpoles upon request! These heavy duty flagpoles are perfect for striking flag displays.

Not only does Carrot-Top Industries offer you a variety of flagpoles and accessories, but we also help you pick out the best items for conditions in your area. The weather patterns in your local area have a lot to do with which outdoor flagpole you pick. Backed by 35 years of experience, our in-house experts factor in weather patterns, local installation regulations and many other variables to find you the flagpoles and accessories that best fit your needs.

We have also partnered with experienced flagpole installers to provide professional and efficient technicians for your installation needs. Installation is available with all Commercial flagpoles and the Patio, telescoping and colonial flagpoles for Residential purposes. Our flagpole installation teams are ready to travel to your residence or business at your beck and call. Please call us today at 1-800-628-3524 for more information

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