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Flag Poles & Flag Sets

Flagpoles aren’t a one-size-fits-all affair.

At Carrot-Top, we carry flagpoles for all situations and settings, whether you need an indoor, outdoor, commercial or residential flagpole. We’re also your one-stop-shopping destination for a wide variety of flagpole ornaments and accessories.

Carrot-Top offers several tutorials on best practices for installing an outdoor flagpole or setting up an indoor flagpole display.  You find can all kinds of valuable flagpole-related resources here.  

Along with traditional flagpoles and flags, you can find a wide variety of flagpoles and sets for advertising purposes, patriotic holidays, parties, reunions and special events, as well as outdoor mounting sets that can fit your unique situation. Our Commercial Flagpoles section features heavy-duty flagpoles up to 80’ tall, with even a 125-foot flagpole available on request. You can also choose from a variety of residential flagpoles, in sizes ranging from 12’ to 35’.

Weather patterns and prevailing winds can have a great deal of bearing on the best flagpole decision for you, as can local building codes and installation regulations. With over 35 years’ experience and expertise in the business, Carrot-Top Industries can help you through the buying process by helping you make the right call on a flagpole that’s a good fit for your area and your needs. Please call us today at 1-800-628-3524 for more information!

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Half-Staff Reminder: On Memorial Day, May 29th, display the United States flag at Half Staff from sunrise until noon in honor of the lives lost while serving our country.