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Indoor & Parade Sets

Indoor & Parade Sets

Indoor flagpoles and Parade poles can be a great decorative element in any indoor space. These flag display poles are available in a variety of sizes and finishes. Our indoor and parade sets come with all accessories and parts that you will need for a great looking display; you can even pair our sets with our flagpole accessories to create a unique set that fits your needs. 

All our indoor flag sets come with comprehensive instructions on installation and assembly. We also have a host of instructional and display videos of products on our YouTube channel







We also offer a collection of parade flagpoles including guidon staffs (official military specified sizes available), aluminum parade poles and even traditional solid oak flagpoles. All of our indoor flagpoles and flagpole sets come with recommended flag sizes for indoor or event displays. Pick one of our flags or you can even get a set that includes a flag with it. Check out our Indoor American flag setsInternational flag sets and Religious flag sets.

Our indoor flag sets include our exclusive Majestic™ line of products featuring telescopic poles. These indoor flag sets have quickly become one of our customer favorites, the telescoping poles can adjust to any height between 5’ to 9’. Our range also includes jointed oak finished sets and ceremonial oak pole sets.

Our parade poles come with a range of flagpole ornaments designed to fit all parade poles. Pick your parade pole and browse through our ornaments to pick out the best flagpole ornament for your needs. We even offer carrying belts for parade flags to ensure that you have everything you will need!

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