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  • Majestic Telescopic Pole Sets

    Majestic Telescopic Pole Sets

    Regular Price: $106.00

    Special Price: $99.00

  • Jointed Oak-Finished Set-Flag Excluded

    Jointed Oak Finished Flagpole Sets-Flag Excluded

    Regular Price: $113.00

    Special Price: $105.00

  • Ceremonial Oak Pole Set

    Ceremonial Oak Pole Set

  • Oak Crossbar w/ Gold Acorn Ends

    Oak Crossbar w/ Gold Acorn Ends

  • Majestic Poles

    Majestic Telescopic Poles

    Regular Price: $39.00

    Special Price: $36.00

  • Brass Hardwood Guidon Staff

    Hardwood Guidon Staffs

  • Gold Finished Parade Pole

    Aluminum Parade Poles

  • Brass Solid Oak Flag Pole

    Solid Oak Flagpoles

    Regular Price: $46.50

    Special Price: $43.50

  • Wood-Grained Steel Pole

    Wood-Grained Steel Flagpoles


Our indoor flag poles are perfect for displaying your flags, either as a mounting set or to carry in a parade. We offer our Majestic in gold, chrome or wood-grain finishes, traditional jointed-oak flagpoles, hardwood guidon staffs and much more!

Choose from not only individual flagpoles, but also complete flag pole sets that come with everything you need to proudly display your flag at any indoor location.

Looking for an indoor flagpole with completed flag set? Our indoor flag sets are perfect for creating a completed look at your location and come with everything you need to proudly display your indoor flag. Choose from our American flag sets, military flag sets, religious flag sets and more!