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Our residential flagpoles are tailor made for use in gardens and homes of all sizes. If you’re looking to put up your first American flag display or trying to upgrade to a larger display of patriotism, we got everything you will need!

Display the flag of your choice at your own home with our large selection of outdoor residential flagpoles. All of our residential flagpoles feature easy-to-install instructions and come with everything you will need to create a grand flagpole display in your yard. We even have instructive videos on putting up your flagpole and can be found on our YouTube channel.

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Our residential flagpoles feature Patio poles, Telescoping poles, colonial poles, and multi-use poles. The Patio poles are easy to install and tapered for added strength. These poles are also maintenance-free and extremely light weight. The telescoping pole is great for flying one or two flags and adjusts from anywhere between 9’ to 20’. The multi-use telescopic poles are great portable flagpoles and come with a host of accessories. Finally, the inexpensive colonial flagpoles are great for use with any 3x5’ flag that you’d want to fly. We also offer a variety of flagpole accessories for your flag display, browse through our products to build a flag display kit of your own.

We even have professional support putting up your flagpoles, Carrot-Top is partnered with flagpole installers nationwide and we offer installation services for Patio, Telescoping and colonial Flagpoles. Just give us a call on 1-800-628-3524 to set up an appointment and have our expert installation partners come visit your home or workplace.

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