The United States Navy is the Sea Branch of the U.S. military and is the largest Naval branch in the world. The United States Navy formed during the American Revolution but was officially established in 1794 to fight off pirates. The main objective of the Navy is to maintain the freedom of the seas. The flag of the United States Navy consists of the Seal of the Department of the Navy in the center, above a large yellow scroll inscribed "United States Navy" in dark blue letters. The background of the flag is a dark blue color.

At Carrot-Top Industries we pride ourselves in making sure you have the best quality nylon and polyester U.S. Navy flags. We offer not only Official Navy branch flags but also Navy Officer's, Retired and Commemorate flags. Choose from mini sizes starting at 4"x6" up to larger outdoor sizes ranging from 12"x18" up to 4'x6'. Our indoor Navy flags are available with a pole sleeve and fringe and perfect for a professional indoor flag display or parades.

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