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The United States Navy Flag was first introduced and formalized on the 24th of April in 1959 by Presidential order from President Dwight Eisenhower. 

At Carrot-Top Industries we pride ourselves in making sure you have the best quality nylon and polyester U.S. Navy flags. We offer not only Official Navy branch flags but also Navy Officer's, Retired and Commemorate flags. Choose from mini sizes starting at 4"x6" up to larger outdoor sizes ranging from 12"x18" up to 4'x6'. Our indoor Navy flags are available with a pole sleeve and fringe and perfect for a professional indoor flag display or parades. We also offer the rattlesnake jack which is widely regarded the first ever flag to be flown by the United States Navy in the 1700’s.

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29 Item(s)

The Navy flag has remained unchanged to this date and features a dark blue background with the official Navy Seal in the center of the flag. The Navy seal in the flag has all of its proper colors and is surrounded by a yellow circular rope edging. Below the Navy seal is a yellow banner reading “UNITED STATES NAVY”.

The Official United States Navy seal features a circular background with a blue sky and moderate sea. The center of the seal features a large three-masted square rigged ship underway before a fair breeze. The topsail is furled with a commission pennant on top of the foremast, National ensign over the main mast and the commodore’s flag atop the mizzen. In front of the ship is a Luce-type large anchor at a slight angle. In the foreground is a bald eagle rising with on foot on the anchor near the shank.

All information about the United States navy flag was provided by the Naval History and Heritage Command

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