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Marine Corps

The Marine Corps flag is a scarlet standard that was first flown in 1939. Our Marine Corps flags are available in several sizes for both indoor and outdoor use and are made of nylon or polyester. We also carry mini flags and cemetery marking flags with the Marine Corps standard for the graves of fallen heroes. In addition to these flag styles we also offer officer flags; these flags are issued to high ranking officers of military departments.

26 Item(s)

26 Item(s)

Since the revolution the Marine Corp Flag changed several times. In 1925 gold and scarlet were designated as being the official colors of the Marine Corps and the same order called for streamers, banners and any other article representing the Marine Corp be designed to feature these colors.

The Marine Corps standard today features a globe in the center of the flag with an eagle perched on top with its wings spread and a flowing scroll in its beak which reads “Semper Fidelis”, or “Always Faithful”, the motto of the Marine Corps. Behind the globe and eagle is a fouled anchor. The anchor is in gold and the eagle and globe are colored gold and grey. The words “UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS” are embroidered on a white scroll beneath the eagle, anchor and globe in red lettering.

All information about the Marine Corps flag was provided by United States Marine Corps official flag manual

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