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Coast Guard

The Coast Guard flag, also known as the Coast Guard Standard, consists of the United States Great Seal (United States coat of arms) on a white background. Above the Great Seal the words “UNITED STATES COAST GUARD” in inscribed in U.S blue. Below the Great Seal the words “SEMPER PARATUS” and the number “1790” can be seen in two rows and the same U.S blue color. The Great Seal on the Coast Guard Flag is also colored blue with the exception of the shield in front of the eagle’s breast. The shield has alternation white and red stripes.

Our Coast guard standards are available in several sizes and styles. These include indoor and outdoor flags made of nylon and polyester as well as mini flags and cemetery marking flags. We also offer the Coast guard Ensign. 

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20 Item(s)

The words “Semeper paratus”, meaning “Always Ready”, featured on the Coast Guard flag is the motto of the Coast Guard; origins of the motto are unknown. It is also the title of the Coast Guard’s marching song, the words and music to which were first written by Captain Francis Saltus Van Boskerck in 1922. The origin of the flag is unclear as well; the first recorded usage of a flag resembling the current flag goes back as far as 1840.

The Coast Guard Ensign was created to provide Revenue cutters of yester year with a sign of authority. The Ensign was signed into law as an exclusive Coast Guard flag in 1799 and is still displayed as a mark of authority allowing Coast Guard officials to board, examine and seize vessels for the purpose of enforcing the laws of the United States. The ensign is never carried as a parade or ceremony standard. The Coast Guard Ensigns are available in three sizes.

All information about the United States Coast Guard flag was provided by the Coast Guard Historian’s Office

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