Oklahoma State Flags

Oklahoma State Flags

Oklahoma‘s state flag is has a sky blue field with a traditional Osage Nation shield. There are two emblems of peace on the buffalo-skin shield; the peace pipe represents Native Americans and the olive branch represents European Americans. Oklahoma’s first flag, adopted in 1911, had a red field with a blue star and the number 46, as they were the 46th state admitted to the Union. A contest in 1924 by the Daughters of the American Revolution lead to the creation of today’s flag (although the word “Oklahoma was later added in 1941).

We're proud to offer the Oklahoma State state flag in two different outdoor fabrics, including nylon for an Oklahoma State flag that flies in a light wind and an extra-tough polyester Oklahoma State flag designed to withstand the elements. Even our miniature 4 inch by 6 inch Oklahoma State flags mounted to a plastic dowel are perfect for classroom, special events, parades and more! Looking for something for a parade or indoor application? Our indoor fringed Oklahoma State flags feature luxurious gold fringe on 3 sides and a pole sleeve end for a clean look.

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