Illinois State Flags

Illinois State Flags

Designed in 1912 by Lucy Derwent, the state flag of Illinois depicts Illinois’ state seal with the motto, “State Sovereignty, National union.” The two dates represent when Illinois became a state (1818) and the year Sharon Tyndale redesigned the seal. Because Illinois was fighting in the American Civil War for the Union side, “sovereignty” was placed upside-down (the union was fighting against states having too much power).

We're proud to offer the Illinois state flag in two different outdoor fabrics, including nylon for an Illinois flag that flies in a light wind and an extra-tough polyester Illinois flag designed to withstand the elements. Even our miniature 4 inch by 6 inch Illinois flags mounted to a plastic dowel are perfect for classroom, special events, parades and more! Looking for something for a parade or indoor application? Our indoor fringed Illinois flags feature luxurious gold fringe on 3 sides and a pole sleeve end for a clean look.

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